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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by rykly18, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Hey EMC I have been a member for a fairly long time, however since I began higher education, I've started to lose interest in playing. However I would like to start getting back into Empire, though I'm not really sure what to do to gain my interest back. So I am posting here in the hopes of getting some ideas! Thanks everyone!
  2. Ryaaaaaan! I love to start lil bases out in the frointier when I’m bored, each with a unique aspect to it.

    (Also I hope I can catch you in game some time! Miss chatting with ya :D )
  3. Welcome back :)

    I ahve personally been enjoying working on really large projects, that both look good aestethicly as are compleatly redstoned out: everything automated, everything decorated. My new storage at 752 is a great example of this, but there is going to be more :) If you like redstoning and designing, defenetly try to work on projects like that, it's really fun :)
  4. Welcome back!

    Hope you enjoy the ride :)
  5. Heya Ryan! Hope to see you in-game again soon! :D
  6. Wish i had a bit more interest to hyperfocus on finishing my jungle village out in the wild when i last had a spike of motivation to play. Bit sad i only made the pathway etc but im hoping these servers are ever lasting so i can finish it when im retired lool
  7. Thanks guys! I've been currently working on just restoring land around my public guardian farm but there's only so much I can do before I get slightly bored and want to move on to other things.
    I do love redstone, I'm just awful at it lol
  8. Welcome back!! Perhaps joining an outpost would keep you from being bored!? You could work with other people to get things accomplished!

    Other options:
    • Build farms you have never built before
    • Start a mall
    • Start your own outpost
    • Hold a weekly event - or even a big one time thing
    • Collect every promo
    • Collect....something lol
    • Apply for staff
    • Build something huge
  9. Welcome back to the empire! =D I too hope emc is around a long time. I'm not sure I can add anything else to what's already been said except for one thing.. I'm not very techie or anything but was told that even I could do this.. How about finding a texture pack you basically like but modify it to more to your liking? There are some I really like but the faces of the animals are just awful so I just don't use them.

    There is usually always something going on somewhere and you can find out by checking the events calendar here.
    Whatever you decide to do please don't hesitate to stop in and say hello and maybe chat for a bit. :D
  10. Welcome back, mate :D

    Lemme know if you need anything!
  11. You can always come back out to our outpost and don't forget to set your spawn this time! :p
    Welcome back my friend
  12. Welcome back! :D

    The people above gave some wonderful examples of what you can do, but I used to love to yell in chat "Who wants to go out to the wild with me?!" and then I'd get a group of random people to go with me. Some didn't even get a choice (I made them come lol)
    That's a great way to make friends, it's how I did it haha
  13. You know I'll forget everytime lol

    And thank you everyone! A lot of good ideas to consider!
  14. Welcome back! If you ever swing by SMP6, come join me out in the wilderness. Green exploding hugs, small bases, plenty of mining, and exploration. I don’t mind some extra hands tagging along, so hit me up if you’re interested. I can always use the company. Take care, I hope you enjoy your stay back with us. ✌️