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  1. This post will inform you on a simple way to get rich and quickly!
    As I have learnt the hard way, people are willing to buy and sell expensive minerals. Use this to your advantage.

    Step 1: Get 1 villager egg, 1 stick and stacks and stacks and stacks of paper or wheat.
    Step 2: Spawn and respawn the villager until it trades wheat/paper for an emerald. Trade your goods with it until that trade is blocked.
    Step 3: Repeat step 2 until you have no wheat/paper left and you have sufficient emeralds.
    Step 4: Set up a shop selling emeralds for 30 rupees and advertise it.
    Step 5: Make sure you keep in stock!
    Step 6: Enjoy riches!

    The reason I chose paper and wheat as it is fairly cheap and easily obtainable.
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  2. Well that is possible but it takes a lot of time. I guess it would be much easier and lot more fun if people just went to mine for some resources. Thats what I do. Lots of Fun, adventures and sometimes weird stuff... XD
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  3. Yeah, but for people like moi, who despise strip mining, this is a much quicker way to obtain emeralds. As we all know, emeralds spawn deep underground, in one biome, with only a single ore.
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  4. I may say, even 'faster' than this, may be quartz mining.
    No wheat nor paper supply required.
    Then again, you need a 'strong' stomach for going to the nether!
    But good for players who like to stay in town for sure!

    I am curious, how did you learn the 'hard' way that players buy and sell expensive blocks?

    BTW, emerald ore is over 300(?) rupees Emerald is 30-35(?) rupees.
    Silk touch the ores and sell emerald ore! No reason not to since it is far easier to trade for the emeralds.
  5. And we have touched on the heart of the problem.

    Emerald ore 300r? As always the main problem is finding the place where you can sell them :) Even so: silk touch is the best way to mine either way. Think about it: a fortune pick gets you more materials but fills up your inventory. While a silk touch "mine" only fills up 1 slot or slot entry and you get to grab the good later if you want.

    Alas, guess I got myself some stuff worth 6k rupees on my hand ;)

    For the record: I don't fully agree with the "more fun" comment. More fun is what you make of it. Which is the brilliance of this game. Some people do go out and mine (and I agree that I get a lot of fun out of that as well) whereas others use the efficiency in town.

    I think both are very valid comments and yah, I'm the guy who also likes doing them both.

    Thanks for sharing this toto!
  6. If you want emeralds even faster, you could get an infinite paper villager, their paper trade will come back every time it runs out. ;) It takes much less time to get the trade back than egging/spawning it. *Hint hint*
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  7. Aww, I don't see hatred. Just some difference of opinion and views.
    Always take it with a grain of salt, listen, and incorporate whatever you wish!
    Remember, most of the players are giving you their two cents from their point of view.

    Why sell when you can horde them! I totally do not horde..(much -- don't look at my res! no, get those judging eyes off of my precious chests!!! hehehe)

    We all got our play styles, that's for sure!
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  8. Until you break them! Bad villager!
  9. The way I found it was offensive. I was so close to never going on the forums again after that :p
  10. Helpful additions and tips:

    Step 2: Spawn and respawn the villager until it trades wheat/paper for an emerald. Trade your goods with it until that trade is blocked. Note that farmers (brown robes) trade for wheat and librarians (white robes) trade for paper. Also, trading anything else will refresh the locked trade, but it will take a few seconds.
    Step 4: Set up a shop selling emeralds for 30 rupees and advertise it. If you find yourself doing this a lot, you may find it better to either run a full service on the forums, or auction a double chest of emeralds.
    Step 5: Make sure you keep in stock! The best way to do this is through a massive farm and an infinite villager. They're quite expensive, but well worth the result. There are services here and here.
    Step 6: Enjoy riches! or donate them to me.
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  11. Well they don't break easily if you use em right :p

    Double posting? Shame! Jk[
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  12. Don't ever get into fights with villagers, they are fragile both physically and mentally. They'll just snap!
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  13. I do the same method, But i use them emeralds for glowstone, Then sell it for Alot more money. It is alot more of a process though! :)
  14. :D
  15. I sold a bunch of villager eggs to a guy who didn't know he could re-egg them. He would slaughter his villagers when they stopped trading.
  16. Get even richer!
    Step One: Buy a Diamond Supporter Voucher
    Step Two: Auction it off on the forums
    Step Three: Repeat steps one and two
    Step Four: You only reach this step if you have spent all of your money

    In all seriousness, your suggestion is very helpful to a lot of people. :)
  17. Hey man, I can't find emeralds in your shop. Did you forget step 4?
  18. Yeah. The villager trick. One word: awesome!