Garden of Cancer Survivors

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  1. I am myself a cancer survivor i was diagnosed October of 2016 with medulloblastoma. I had to take a break off of EMC and minecraft altogether. with my coming back i wanted to make a tribute to anyone that plays on the server that has had any type of cancer. So far if you have a relative that you would like to have up it will cost a diamond block instead of the player head.

    • To get there goto smp6 type "/frontier east" then find the nearest ender portal to take you to public works nether hub go down the hall and there is a portal there for the Garden of Cancer Survivors.
    If you would like to have yourself or a loved one there please help by writing in a book.
    1. The player name or IRL name/Relation
    2. Type of Cancer
    3. Date Diagnosed
    4. Date Went into Remission or TBT or date passed away

    Steps in Pictures

  2. Wow, I myself haven't experienced that. But it makes me happy that people do stuff like this
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  3. Shell approves. oh dear.. I know how horrid that may sound but.. it is kinda cool right? ;)

    More seriously: Shell approves. Please read on (I'll try to be brief).

    "Everything needed". So yeah.... my first honest impression was that you were going to make some kind of building or structure and all that was required were some donations. I know, I know.. please hear me out.

    You saw me there. I came there to confirm my suspicions and if I would have found those I was honestly going to bury you. Nothing illegal, no mudslinging (I hate that) but I would have made it loud and clear why it might be a bad idea for anyone to follow up on this.

    Lets just say you hit a nerve :)

    Why post all that? Trust me: not to make you look bad, not at all. Mostly to share how serious I am about this. But also to try and reflect on how players might pick up your post. Sometimes it might be best to be open about your intentions instead of leaving players to guess (as I did above).

    Having all of that out of the way....


    You're giving players a way to vent, to express themselves and to get the the nasty crap out of their system. You are not (I repeat: he is NOT!) asking for material contributions or anything, only to share the story with the others who are concerned with all this. And a head, to identify you.

    Sorry for the rant. But it is my experience that if I pick something like this up in a certain way then many players do as well. The main difference is that I sometimes speak up while others simply ignore.

    And I think your effort deserves better than that. As such.. A "shell stamp of approval".

    hmm, maybe I can work on that... if people would like that... food for thought
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  4. I've got to say it really really made me jump as im setting the rest up for future i tp back to that res and ur there lol. It scared me and no im not looking for material as u said in fact almost all of it is my own time and work gathering material from the waste. Or using my own ig money to buy the diamond block. I cant tell you how great of a review u gave really is. Im hoping a mod can help me keep this inact. As i have little time doing my chemo. Thank you so much for everything so far thank you so very much.
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  5. PS. The Garden has been moved. To get there goto smp6 type "/frontier east" then find the nearest ender portal to take you to public works nether hub go down the hall and there is a portal there for the Garden of Cancer Survivors.
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  6. Will the person who is wanting to be represented or have someone represented. Able to place the diamond block or head where they would like to or is it just a drop off and you'll place them? If it's you'll place them... Then in the future , after the garden is completed. Will people be able to place the items later on? I kind of feel it would be a better connection to allow the player to place the block or head. It would give them a greater sense of contribution.
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  7. By all means only ask that you use /buildmode to keep that protected
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  8. I made a 360 video that's about 30 secs long to show a bit of the garden. The video is below

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  9. I myself have not had cancer but there is a line of skin cancer in my family as long with other kinds of cancer. There are three people I know/knew that had, had cancer or still have it. I will share about them below but I will not have them added because I don't know the kind of cancer two of them had and when they got it and when It was cured.

    1) My Uncle Jimmy/Aunt Allie
    At the time my aunt Allie was uncle Jimmy (transgender) so she was a guy when she had cancer. I do not know what kind of cancer it was and when because I was little then but I do remember her losing her hair and being in the hospital for a long time and it was depressing. She is all well now and is living a happy life as a computer programmer and makeup artist.

    2) Pop (this is what I call him idek his real name)
    Pop is my dad's father and he still has cancer at this time. I was told he had more than one type of cancer and had something called Leukemia (hopefully that's spelled correctly) and he lost all his hair. He went through treatment and had to keep changing his treatment but it has turned out that nothing is helping him at all. I find this really sad what I am about to say because we were really close despise the fact I hate my father so much. Pop owns a farm with many animals I love and has a wife that he loves. Here is the depressing part.....the doctor told him he cannot be cured and that he is on his death bed. So, I don't know how long he will still be here and what will happen from there but in all means I hope he has found happiness in his life.

    3) Row Row (another nickname that was given because she always sang row row row the boat)
    Row Row had skin cancer on her cheek an nose. The doctors had to remove a part of her skin on her leg and put it on her face and removed the skin there. That is all I really know about her cancer but shortly after she got sick because the skin cancer came back and had to go to the hospital once again. I was really young when this all happened but I can remember this clear because we were REALLY close and this destroyed my heart. I went through two years of depression after this and what I am about to say. After a few weeks In the hospital the doctors called us and said that she would be released the next day and could come home to us once again. My mom, my sister, and myself went out and bought her really nice gifts that we could give her the next day as a welcome home gift. The next day I woke up early to get ready for our little party we were going to throw for her and my mom came up to me crying and said that she passed away (oh god I just started crying in real life right now) this morning and would not be coming home to us.

    Max, I think this is a really good idea and a good way to honour the people who have cancer or who have had cancer. I appreciate this and the fact you would take time out of your life to do this. I appreciate that.
  10. I can't tell you how touching it is to read your post for it every little bit of support goes miles for this thank you so very much

    National Cancer Survivors Day (June 5)
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  11. it may be old but still up to date
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  12. Velma_T_Jinkies has offered to help build and expand the garden but please be aware that i would still like the reply on here if you would like to be added or wish to place in the garden.
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  13. I think i do a new video about the garden soon featuring how to get there and more
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  14. I wish I had seen this thread earlier. This is an absolutely wonderful idea. You really need to bump this more. Keep your head up. Things are always darkest before the dawn.
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  15. This is a wonderful idea.. Ik ppl who had cancer.. 1 who died and 1 who survived. Do not know any of them personal. We should have done this a long time ago
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  16. Thank you guys so very much Velma_T_Jinkies is helping with production and maintainence of the garden. Thank you again for the positive support.
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  17. Its been a while since I said anything on this thread and if you read my post above you would of read something about "Pop". Well, I am just here to say in late June he passed away due to the cancer while I was away with his daughter(my aunt), ex-wife and son(my stepfather). We were in Disney when my aunt, grandma(ex-wife) and I were going by ourselves to see the fireworks when we got a very sad call. Sadly it was the call of that he had passed away :/

  18. Im very sorry to hear that i pray that you have peace about you during the time you need. I was planning on making a hall dedicated to exactly those people. The hall being directly connected to the garden.
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  19. bump it bumpt it bump it
  20. The garden was updated and has a better feel the way to get there is still the same.