Gaming_Comander's 1000 Day Extravaganza!

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  1. You mean Don't Mine at Night? I'm on it!
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  2. Thank you, that's perfect!! I'm very glad that is in fact on there. :) It's a shame I couldn't find it, though. Maybe I should post the title of this video in the comments of the top bad videos. :p
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  3. Has a chicken ever killed you on emc?
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  4. Funny story. A Super Turkey knocked me down a lava pool one time. was more like I was backing away from it and I fell. :p
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  5. Bump! This Sunday is the first event I'm hosting, Jeopardy!
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  6. As long as there are no personal life matters, I'm going to try to attend! :)
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  7. I’ll think about going
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  8. Oh god you changed your name. I thought you were joking
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  9. Bump! First event starts tonight at 7:30!
  10. Have I only ever made an appearance in one of your comics or were there any more I don't know about?
    (insert pirate aaarrggg here)

    Jeopardy was fun. A bit 'fruity' but fun ;)
  11. You've made 1 appearance so far, but that's to change with my Spooktober comics coming out
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  12. Dang, I guess Im uninteresting, lol
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  13. I doubt that'd be the reason. ;) The title doesn't actually include an AMA tag, though, if you're saying this in response to receiving few questions.
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  14. Why u bumping this lol the event already happened
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