Gaming_Comander's 1000 Day Extravaganza!

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  1. Howdy y'all! As of 20 minutes ago, I am officially 1000 days old on EMC! To be honest, I never thought I'd see the day where I turn 1000, but the community is so kind and welcoming that I find it hard to go, and I thank everyone who has made my EMC experience a pleasant one. I'm here to stay and ready to celebrate this big milestone!
    This thread is an AMA where you can ask me literally anything, so long as its EMC appropriate. I cant wait to see what y'alls buring questions are! At the end of October there will be a drawing to see which question wins 50k. Its limited to one question per player, so you're first question is the only one that will be counted, but I encourage you to ask as many questions as possible!
    Not only that, but from now all the way until the end of October, I'll be hosting several of my custom events, starting with Jeopardy on Sunday the 29th on TrumanIII's located at 6006 at 7:30 EMC time! Events I'll be hosting are:
    Tunnel of Terror (Tunnel of Love, Halloween edition)
    Gaming Comander's Haunted Mansion (Murder Mystery)
    Costume Contest
    Build Battle
    PvP Palooza
    Details such as the event dates will be shared on this thread at a later time, so keep those questions rolling and check this thread every now and then! I hope to see you all soon!
  2. Conrgats!!!

    Whats your favorite EMC comic you made?
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  3. That's a good one! It's a tie between this one:

    and this one:

    ^this one because of CarFryer's face on the 5th panel
  4. Will you be making a comic in celebration of your 1,000 days? :)
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  5. Yes and No. It is a comic, but it's not what you'd expect it to be about
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  6. Congrats! 1000 days sounds a lot, and I do think it is!
    But for some reason '2017' still sounds so new to me. :p I guess I'm old... :rolleyes:

    My question: how old are you IRL?
  7. I'm gonna be 16 on December 21st of this year, so Im 15 now :)
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  8. How many different emc players have you drawn?
  9. Congratz my dude! :)

    My question is if me you and OP made a rock band what would the band name be?
  10. First Player I've drawn was myself, most recent being willies952002, but after spending a few minutes counting all my comics on Imgur in total I've drawn a total of 55 EMC players
  11. Gaming_Comander and the Funky Bunch
  12. I forgot to mention you can ask as many questions as you want, but the first question you asked will be compiled in a randomizer for a chance to win 50k at the end of October. Thread has been edited :)
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  13. I cannot wait to see any future comics you have that may turn that number closer to 100~

    (If possible, no stress, yeah?) ;)
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  14. Actually, Im at 132! Btw, I love your Signature! The Gameboy Color replaced with Joy the Miner, ingenious!
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  15. Game Boy Advance. :p The Game Boy Color intro is nice too, but of course nowhere near so fancy.

    Edit: This post made me look up the GBC startup on YouTube... it's on there several times, but all in terrible quality. I guess it's hard to record it. I hope someone manages to, though... or at least that it is clear to people that check those videos that the video is in bad quality, and it looks and sounds much better on the real thing (I did post a comment about it on the top results).
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  16. I don't know about you but this one is pretty high quality~ ^^
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  17. Haha, thanks, I made it myself specifically for EMC. ^^

    (Shame I had to drop the framerate from 60fps to 30fps for it to maintain the same speed. Ah well, acceptable losses.)
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  18. Congrats Comander!:D
    Where do you hangout the most? Town,waste,frontier
  19. I used to be in Frontier all the time in SMP 7, but I primarily hang out in Town nowadays
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  20. Happy 1000th old man...

    And q? Dont you think you should dtaw the band performing their hit song?