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  1. Roblox is a game where you build stuff. It is similar to Minecraft but it started first and it's a pain to build stuff.
  2. The hard to make games are the best ones
  3. Loved this game haha, joined it in early 07, still play pccasionally.
  4. A pain to build stuff but the things that people manage to build are pretty cool n.n I joined in 2011, I still play it sometimes but since the official Roblox events have gone down hill I've gone a bit inactive :l The Easter event last year was the last good event in my opinion, the winter games weren't that bad though I guess
  5. Once my builders club ran out i just stopped playing
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  6. Still playing.. :D

    I'm mostly involved with group activites, but I've been trying to learn LUA. (ermaghaed)
  7. My 8yo niece plays. Though I've had a hell of a time with roblox customer service in switching her chat settings back to preset chat only. Their filter for swearing is non-existant, in contradiction to their claims that chat IS filtered of swearing. arg. Poor 8yo.

    I watched her play a little, looks interesting lol
  8. Most (if not all) swear words are censored out with hashtags, there are various ways to get around it though :s But I've seen it work quite well, pretty annoying at times though since you can't see if a word you typed it hashtagged to others -.-
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  9. The only problem is that some people find out how to bypass the filter like 5 for s.
  10. Point proven
    To be honest, I've never seen people change the s for 5, but I haven't really been playing on many Roblox games
  11. Why do you say roblox is similar to minecraft?

    And yes, when you do not have a good computer, it is horrible to build your places. Roblox studio is way more laborious (I don't know what that means, stupid Dutch person I am) then minecraft. But since I have an iPad now, I play roblox a lot more. (roblox studio will be very hard to make for iOS I think)

    Oh, and by the way, I think I don't have choongjae added as a friend, I need to find you :3

    Edit: Um, alice? Why do you have over a thousand friends? I wanted to find parker, but that will be hard now :p
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  12. Cuz I'm so popular :3
    Um, mostly because I haven't been through my friends list in a while, I add many many many people
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  13. yush
    just maybe
    Searching ChoongJae will work. :3
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  14. I basically just use my naga to have a hilariously unfair advantage over other players. I don't play often, and I don't build hardly at all anymore. If there wasn't a My Little Pony 3D game, I doubt I'd even slightly care.
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  15. Everyone add me: Cchiarell6914
  16. So this one has no haters... but when I made one... there was alot of people hating me...
  17. 4k Robux, 5k Tickets, Over 1k Visits, 20k KOs, 3k Friends


    ( plantchant )

    EDIT : Also owner of "Name that Character"
  18. That's the luck of the draw, my friend. 'sjust the way it is.

    *newsflash jingle*
  19. I used to play Roblox way back when :p . My account is MasterChefGarrett. Once I got into Minecraft and games built for a little bit older ages, I never went back. But if anyone still plays Roblox, I do still go back to own little kids in Catalog Heaven and Call of Robloxia haha. Add me if you wish, but I really dont play anymore. I quit because I got sick and tired of all the immature three year olds calling everyone noobs for killing them in a WAR GAME and for just being better than them. I still run into things in other games, but the name calling in Roblox is almost intolerable.
  20. Which one?
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