(Game) What if you had 5 Trillion dollars?

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  1. Yeah its a game.
    What will you do with your money.
    The one I like best will recive 1,000 rupees and will be announced here.

    Ill start off -

    If I had 5 Trillion dollors I would, Invent a time machine and go 527383 years later :)
  2. You'd invent a time machine with money, you don't need to know about time or anything? yipeeee

    I would buy my own island and name is Cordial Island, everyone will live happily and I will buy pie for everyone.
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  3. I'd umm put it in separate banks-- scratch that. I'd BUY the banks, then use them as money storage, then you know solve world hunger and all that
  4. I would buy a machine that would make more money, then make more money and buy more money making machines. I will eventually have an army of money making machines.
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  5. Inflation

    Just like a balloon, it would become massive then when you realize that you have such a large amount, you would then find it is worth nothing "pop"
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  6. I would disrupt the world economy. :p All part of my master plan to take over the world.
  7. -must not make aikar joke-
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  8. Then a giant muffin will land there.
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  9. I'd eat at McDonalds and shop at goodwill and sleep on the street
  10. same...
  11. I would buy a Klondike bar.
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  12. Maccas makes me puke
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  13. Option 1: If I had 5 trillion dollars I would buy half a bucket of popcorn from a movie theater.
    Option 2: a full tank of gas
    Option 3: have a money snowball fight with bill gates
    Option 4: leave it all to a cat when I die
    EDIT: I will take my prize money now, please
  14. 250,000,000,000 months of Diamond Supporter
    500,000,000,000 months of Gold Supporter
    or 1,000,000,000,000 months of Iron Supporter
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  15. First, you can't make a time machine, second, with that money I will build my own army and do the WW3.
  16. I think the USA will beat you to WW3 and they can do it even though they owe trillions of dollars.
  17. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll................

    Anyways, with 5 trillion dollars, I would most likely find an eco-friendly way to use potatoes to power all the electricity in the world! >:D
  18. WW3 already occurred (technically)...
  19. try not to get mugged :(
  20. 1. Tons of alt Diamond Supporter accounts. (If That's allowed. WITH THAT I SHALL TAKE OVER EMC MUAHAHAHAHA)
    2. Donate to charities over the world.
    3..Buy forested land. (Conservation )
    4. Set up hospitals in rural areas.
    6. Fund researches.
    7. Pimp out my gaming room.