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  1. this is a game inspired form:http://empireminecraft.com/threads/forum-game-war-of-the-planets.20508/.
    To Play:
    Each village has to have an application form.
    Village Name:
    Village Status: (Hostile, Neutral, Resistance)
    Population: (50-75)
    Other: (Not op)
    aeria: (plains, lakes, raviens)
    Each Village will lose population every fight/battle, but will regain overtime and i choose how many you lose/gain.
    I also have the power to throw in twists or events.
  2. Village Name: The Village
    Village Status: (Neutral)
    Population: 71
    Other: Plains Biome, partial open ravine, small lake
  3. What does resistance mean?
    (Not in definition)
  4. Rebel i think.
  5. Rebel to what I mean?
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  6. Just pick one. :D
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  7. Like, not flowing with the go.
  8. i ment other as in speshial abillatys, and resistance is rebel
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  9. So the rebels don't have a cause?
  10. Village Name: Impurgo
    Village Status: (Hostile, Neutral, Resistance) Neutral
    Population: (50-75) 75
    Other: (Not op) Impurgo are an old village but have skills in many subjects and grown to a very good size
    aeria: (plains, lakes, raviens) Forest with small lakes and 1 ravine running through
  11. Village Name: YourMom
    Village Status: (Hostile, Neutral, Resistance) Hostile
    Population: (50-75) 5
    Other: (Not op) Large army
    aeria: (plains, lakes, raviens) Earths core
  12. Village Name: RiverFell
    Village Status: (Hostile, Neutral, Resistance) Neutral
    Population: (50-75) 50
    Other: (Not op) The mist above their mountain has been there longer than the oldest elders, and has resulted in certain special abilities born; from being abnormally good at cooking, to fighting (rare).
    area: (plains, lakes, ravines) Plains, with a river running by the village; which comes from a high mountain spring
  13. Village Name: Candyland
    Village Status: (Hostile, Neutral, Resistance) Neutral
    Population: (50-75) 70
    Other: (Not op) Has candy swords
    aeria: (plains, lakes, raviens) Plains with rivers.
  14. YourMom provokes Candyland by calling them fat.
  15. We declare war on yourmom. Prepare to be caramelized.
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  16. Village Name: Chassyland
    Village Status: HOSTILE *Bad To The Bone music starts to play*.
    Population: 75 Chas' Evil Minions.
    Other: They fight with CHEESE!!!
    aeria: It's in a secret bunker hidden underwater in a lake.
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  17. YourMom wonders how you will get to the earths core without burning.
    ( They happen to like caramel very much )
  18. We have lava buckets for caramelization.

    I have also created a map of candy land. Marvel at the epic artistry of paint.