[FORUM GAME] War Of The Planets!

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  1. The Year is 6409. we have discovered New planets In the Galaxy. you must Colonise a Planet, and survive.

    Planet Name:
    Planet Orientation: (Robotics, Magic, Organic)
    Planet Relationship: (Hostile, Neutral, Peaceful)
    Planet Number:
    Other Notes: (No OP stuff)

    EXAMPLE FORM (and Mine)

    Planet Name: XOR-3, A.K.A. The Citidel (Reminds you of Mass Effect?)
    Planet Orientation: Robotics
    Planet Relationship: Neutral-Peaceful
    Planet Number: #00
    Other Notes: XOR-3 is a dead planet nao

    Finally! Rules!

    -No Anti-Matter/Other Ultra-Destructive material. Only Elements with the Atomic Numbers 89-102 and Less powerful. (also, a new mineral called Adminium is usable. It can destroy about Half of a planet, and releases Radiation on the rest. it is very rare.)

    -No God-Mode
    -No Invisibility
    -No using Alt's to claim more planets.
    -Use common sense. you know what's cheap and what's not.
    -You must alert princebee about any secret projects.

    Good Luck! :D
  2. Planet Name: nfellian Lorien
    Planet Orientation: (Robotics, Magic, Organic) Magic
    Planet Relationship: (Hostile, Neutral, Peaceful) Neatural
    Planet Number: #14
    Other Notes: On destruction of Lorien, a curse will be put onto the people that destroyed Lorien making them ill for the rest of their lives and the cures never ends. Lorien also is the highest level of magic
  3. Planet 14 has been populated! The Citidel Offers a alliance with Lorien, and offers a cute robotic dog to nfell2009.
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  4. Planet Name: Tamriel
    Planet Orientation: Magic
    Planet Relationship: Hostile
    Planet Number: #3
    Other Notes: Tamriel consist of 5 holds. Skyrim being its most famous. Destruction of this planet would curse the invaders for 300 years and spawn dragons on their home planet ravaging anything that is living.
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  5. Lorien accepts and loves the dog!
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  6. XOR-3 gives Tamriel a scroll. you will be PMed it.
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  7. Lorien hope to remain peaceful with Tamriel through out, and dont want war. But will fight with them
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  8. Note: the dog doubles as a guard dog! :p
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  9. Planet Name: Gallifrey
    Planet Orientation: Organic
    Planet Relationship: Observational neutral.
    Planet Number: #4
    Other Notes: Home-world of the Time Lords.
  10. The Citidel sends Gallifrey A Clock :p
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  11. Gallifrey declines, citing isolation policy.
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  12. The Citidel sends Gallifrey a Piece of paper with a :( on it.
  13. Planet name: Q73F-3JS9
    Planet orientation: Robotics
    ( Hostile, peaceful, neutral) Neutral
    Planet number: #37
    Other notes: Q73F-3JS9 is the main robotics center of the galaxy. Robots can be shipped to all known planets, and defense is powerful enough to withstand any reasonable attack power.
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  14. Hang on I'm confused...what does op stuff mean?
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  15. Lorien issue a message to known galaxy planets:

    We have seen what is known as Pirate Planet which does minor attacks on plants. Lorien has a Base Shield which disables their ships from entering onto the planet, please look out for it and report any siteings to keep us all safe.

    Last Seen:
    The last seen Pirate Ship was seen heading away from Lorien
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  16. OP

    1. Overpowered
    2. Original Post

    in this case, 1.
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  17. ...
  18. XOR-3 Sees one, and blows it up with some Trinitrotoluine.
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  19. Planet Name: Paxon
    Planet Orientation: Robotics
    Planet Relationship: Neutral
    Planet Number: #5
    Other Notes: Although classified as a neutral planet, Paxon will enter into war if it's legislative body The Houses of Tor aka HOT has a 2/3 majority vote in favor of such a position. Paxon is one of the only sources of Adminium and as such is armed to the teeth with strategic weapons. However use of weapons of mass destruction requires a unanimous vote in the HOT. This would most likely only occur under extreme measures as a unanimous vote is nearly impossible to get. Alliances only require a majority vote from the HOT and will most likely require bribery of elected HOT officials.

    Galactic Encyclopedia entry #178435084-A29
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