[Game] The Riddle Factory!

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  1. I have all ways loved riddles all my Tomato life so I have decided to share some! Also in advanced if some one has already done something like this I have not seen it and I am not trying to copy anyone.

    Here is how the game works:
    1. I will start us off with a riddle.
    2. Who ever gets it right will get to ask the next riddle.
    3. You may give one hint for your riddle.
    4. Please no searching for answers or riddles it is cheating. This needs to be legit.

    Riddle Me This:
    "When is a stand-up Tomato like the edge of a knife?"

    HINT: It is from an old Batman comic.
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  2. ermmmmmmmm....... when he cuts into the crowd?
  3. Wrong!
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  4. You could have gone with something a bit more classical. Also, I Binged it. And this post was the only thing it came up with. XD Probably should edit that to say you cannot search the anwser.
  5. It will be funny when nobody gets it XD
  6. When it cuts the cheese?
  7. when he makes a "sharp" joke?? ............when he slaughters the entire audience? ......when he realizes he doesn't have an audience??
  8. Nope
  9. when it cuts up?
  10. i know you just got it
  11. did i? i count remeber it as im a HUGE batman fan :D
  12. You got it! You may ask the next riddle!
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  13. ok

    There is a cabin on a mountain, 50 people dead, loads of windows all broke, how did they die?
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  14. avalanche , blizzard, zombie Apocalypse ?
  15. A flying tomato exploded
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  16. suffocated
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  17. Some one farted....
  18. the cabin is an airplane cabin.
    the airplane crashed.
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  19. you got that one
  20. I heard that one before. Here is my riddle:
    What has one enterance and three exits?