[Game 3] The First Loser

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  1. The First Loser (Game 3)





    How to play
    • The game begins with 16 players randomly placed in a grid
    • Each round the players will fill out a short form to cast their vote.
      • Each round lasts about 24 hours
    • After each round, I post the results here.
      • The person with the most votes is the winner and has their own column and row to be immune in the following round
        • This rule may be altered if needed
      • The person with the second most votes is the loser (coined "The First Loser") and is eliminated
    • The losers choose the final winner
    • You must vote in each round
      • Failure to vote in 3 rounds in a row will get you eliminated.
    • If a tie occurs, it is handled by the last person to be eliminated.
      • Random.org will choose should it occur in the first round
    • No alternate accounts
    • This game can be played however you want.
      • You may play dirty or clean.
      • Feel free to rally up some votes, bribe people, or team up with others, secretly or out in the open. I am just the host.
    • You may vote for yourself
    First Place
    Second Place
    Third Place
  2. may i join ?
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  3. I'll play
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  4. Of course you can. ;)
  5. I'll join this one
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  6. Dibs on a spot!
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  7. May I join o great god of stone slabs?
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  8. Yes
  9. Is this clear enough to participate?
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  10. I shall be the next tribute again ;)
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  11. I'm back for a second season. :D
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  12. I'd like to join!
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  13. This seems interesting, I would like to join :)
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  14. All added. We need 6 more and the game will begin. :)
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  15. Count me in.
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  16. I'm playing I'm playing I'm playing I'm playing I'm...
    wait, got to not draw attention towards me or I'll be out again right away, won't I? :p
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  17. Sure I'm in
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  18. Lets do it
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  19. Sure? I guess I will play. I'm too well-known, so everyone's gonna vote for me. So, if no one knows you, gg, you win! :D
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  20. Sweet! One more and the game will begin.