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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jakebag, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. This thread is to discuss all about the next gen consoles such as the 'Xbox 720' and the 'PS4'. Share all the latest news and rumors here! Discuss you're opinions on the new consoles and look here for the latest news! NO 'FLAME WARS' PLEASE!
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  2. Bump!
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  3. Im not buying another space heater, if you know what i mean.
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  4. I'm excited about the SteamBox. That's about it though.
  5. I'm not buying a 720... Doesn't seem worth it. I bought the bigger GB one. All I need. And for the PS4... It did not impress me in terms of specs.
  6. Yeah apparently it was going to use a 4 year old graphics card....Just rumors though
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  7. The horrible DualShock 4! :D

    Dualshock 1 = Good
    Dualshock 2 = Brilliant
    Dualshock 3 = AMAZING!
    Dualshock 4 = What the fudgecakes of fire happened?
  8. I am staying by the side of the loyal PC this time around.
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  9. The PC is years ahead of consoles.
    Linux is years ahead of the other OSes, in terms of gaming and programming.
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  10. I suppose you mean potential rather then actual usage, as in that case Linux is years behind PC and maybe a couple months behind Mac.
  11. I am building a gaming pc in a few months, I probably won't get a next gen console. Well I might get one years into the console life after multiple price drops and only if there are a good amount of exclusives.
  12. Yes! I needed this thread. I have been wondering about what consoles to get.
    Any recommendations?
  13. A PC.
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  14. And build it yourself because it is cheaper.
  15. Yes. This is always the good idea. I have a gaming laptop, but only because it was a gift. How much I would rather a desktop.
  16. Wii U.. probably not getting it. Only really used my Wii for netflix when my laptop's internet was shot.
    PS4.. it's probably not a PS4.. because 4 is death. I like PS3 controllers.. but the triggers are kind of worthless. Maybe PS? will have a better controller.
    xbox (definitely not 720.) Maybe I'll get it, but probably only for bungie. 'cept bungie doesn't have exclusivity with microsoft outside of halo.
  17. Oops. :rolleyes:
  18. Microsoft is rumored to unveil the next xbox in April.
  19. So awesome you had to post it twice.
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