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  1. Hello to all of my EMC friends!
    You may have been missing me during the past month or two... or a few ^_^
    I have been on summer holidays (Aussie, mate.) and enjoying them a bit too much!
    Anyway, I am getting off the topic.
    I was never on the topic, but who cares.

    Firstly, I'd like to start out by saying Paradise Point Outpost (SMP6) was griefed horribly
    a few weeks back. Jealous bottoms.

    2013-02-28_18.42.08.png This was Daniel's house. Was.
    2013-02-28_18.43.30.png This was my storage house. Was...

    (There is a lot more, feel free to check it out if you are part of the PPO team.)
    Anyway, in typical MissMadison910 and Bunda153 style, we're approaching this
    with a smile and positive attitude (trying! :)) By thinking of ways to fix it.

    After just a few little arguments, we came to the decision of having a
    Fundraising Event!
    This event will be held on Sunday the 3rd of March, at 11:30am.
    Sorry, I need someone to convert this from Perth time to whatever other times,
    as you all might know I'm not the best with universal times.
    This event will be monitored by select people, and the entry fees are:
    One Firework,

    A donation (Rupee or block, inbox me to organize something!
    Or your time :)

    Event Details:
    For those who stay for the whole thing, there will be fireworks, crop sales, an auction (or two.), and if there are enough people, we will have everyone take part in filming the Harlem Shake! To take part in this, you just have to be at the whole event :eek:.

    Thanks very much in advance, and I hope to see many people filling up the slots on SMP6 on the day!
    P.S I do require a few people to help out, just inbox me lol.
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  2. bumparooooooony*
  3. Your here!!! Well, in that case... maybe some of my rupees could be donated.
  4. Great idea guys :)

    For other time zones, this is;

    Central Standard Time (US) (-6) - Monday - 9:30pm
    Eastern Standard Time (US) (-5) - Monday - 10:30pm
    Stockholm (Sweden) (+1) - Sunday - 4:30am
    Christchurch (New Zealand) (+13) - Sunday - 4:30pm
    London (Britain/England) (GMT) - Sunday - 3:30am
    Sydney (Australia) (+11) - Sunday - 2:30pm

    Sorry, Europe D:
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  5. Maddy! :D I think I'll have to donate, don't think I can make it though..
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  6. Holy moly, Robot, I have missed you on the forums a lot! It would mean a lot if you donated, but don't feel pressured to. Sad to hear you cannot attend :(
    Ahaha, yeah, I've been off a while but I've made my return! Thanks so much, but again, don't feel pressured to donate!
    Thank you so so much Alex, that was very helpful for a silly like me who can't change timezones!
  7. Yeah, my house got also griefed.. The only thing that is left is my locked chests :D
  8. I strongly suggest you edit out that vulgarity.

    But anyway, as the de facto leader of the New Republic, I may be able to negotiate you an aid package once we've been established.
  9. Oops, not the best wording. Thank you and sorry!
    Thanks for offering, that would be nice ahah!
  10. Anaha, lol. I mean, it's sad, but at least you still have some stuff right?
  11. wow dont count me on this one. I'm probly in my bed sleeping at 4:30am :D

    oh and welcome back Madison, long time no see :)
  12. Ahaha, I am so so sorry D: Maybe we could organize something some other day, to hang out?
    Thanks for your warm welcome <3
    Thank you ninjaboy for the link, nice thread you have there!
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  13. I could sure use a summer vacation right now. Northern Hemispherie, of course. But I can't get on until Easter Sunday. :p Is there anything I can do to help that's just on the site?