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  1. Is there a full list of command codes and their delimiters someplace? It definitely isn't under the Wiki Index. The reason I ask this is that recently I found out about "/res list +<loc id> <pg #>" (where loc id can be shop, mall, or other location/id/etc. and pg # is a specific page of multiple pages). "/res list" does not exist in the wiki. Basic Commands is a good start, but nowhere complete.
  2. See the commands page at https://commands.emc.gs, and follow the instructions from there about seeing each of the pages on the sidebar :)
  3. The side bar uses the same links as the Command section in Empire Wiki main page. I already gave an example in my first post. Commands: Residences doesn't list (and cannot be found anywhere in the wiki) the /res command followed by the "list" delimiter with the optional fields of <loc id> and <pg #>.

    I'm looking for something like the following with the first line in bold:
    /[Command].....[Delimiter(s) if any].....[<optional fields> if any]
    /res...........list......................<+mall>, <pg #> (if multiple pages)
    /res...........list......................<+shop>, <pg #> (if multiple pages)


    P.S. I'm using periods instead of spaces or tabs.
    P.S.S. You don't seem to have any Table BBCode
  4. Often the in-game help has useful command info. It also tends to be the most accurate because it's tied to the code.

    "/res help list" shows some of the details you're looking for on the "/res list" sub-command.
    "/res help subzone" shows extra info about that section.

    Note exactly what you're asking for but it may help you find the information you want.
  5. Interesting. I didn't know that the help delimiter could be used like that. Again, there's no place on the wiki that mentions that, only the /help command.
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  6. So, I was finally able to log on to investigate these and have since added them to the wiki. :) Thanks for finding these!
    The truth of the matter is that if something like a command is present in-game but isn't documented on the wiki, it's likely that none of the contributors know that such a command exists, or that it's simply been overlooked. While I personally didn't know that /res list +tag was a thing, /res list as a whole not being there and /help parameters not being shown are oversights. All of these are fixed now, though. Thanks again :D
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  7. Found another unlisted code. "/open" takes you to a random unclaimed (open) residence lot.
  8. This is listed somewhere, though may be listed as /v open.
    Side comment: devs like to add in shortcuts in micro-updates that aren't documented. This is why many of these types of commands are not synchronized within the info-providing areas, such as the wiki. The full command may be there, but the specific shortcut may not be.
  9. If I keep finding them, I'll keep reporting them so the wiki will be up to date. Hope you don't mind.
  10. You are more than welcome to report items that are not included at all, but I don't think it's pertinent to report every single variation of every single command to be added to the wiki. Perhaps more of a format change is in order to address these without overcrowding the wiki and making it difficult to find items of importance.
  11. You can always send a private message to the Contribution Team members (https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/contribution-team-members/) to report an error on the Wiki. We are the ones who handle that. :)
  12. The issue I see happening is the pretty decent size disconnect between staff and contribution team.

    It may have changed, but it is apparently supposed to be an official wiki that is updated by the contribution team which only has general player knowledge.

    For example, many wikis have walkthroughs when it comes to events or missions. Not this one, it would “ruin the fun.” If you’re looking up the walkthrough, that means you’re at the point where it’s not really fun anyway.