Frontier Wild Spawns: Path cleanup

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  1. Before you read this and think "no!" on a wilderness cleanup issue, listen to it first.

    There is a difficultly in trying to pathfind out some of the spawns in the Frontier Wild.
    You walk out of spawn and are picking your path to the edge of spawn and you fall into a 2 block deep hole. There's no damage of course, but you cannot break a block of dirt or place to climb out. Only thing to do is command back to spawn with /wild n

    But a few examples:
    There's a ravine running under a spawn on smp7. Falling in there is annoying. The jungle spawn on spm1 is irritating with all the broken trees and holes. And the smp4 nether is mostly a cave and one entire compass direction is impassable!

    I don't want to tie up staff with looking around, not when there are plenty of players who know particular spawns really well. Or perhaps a team of players could mark some spots that need ss perms to fix a few areas or install a bedrock path where one has never been installed yet. Bright wool/carpet color would be easy to notice and clean up once the cleanup is finished. Assign a color per player and allow place perm only for a short time? Whatever the equivalent method y'all need to keep perms at a minimum.

    The only other option to be made here, is just to fly out of spawn to avoid all that. And that isn't useful for 100% of players.
  2. Bumping an older thread.

    It's still an issue. And the blending of land where spawn protections fall off is somewhat staggering. In places there are 10 block gaps or walls just to reach spawn boundary.

    Perhaps this is something ExtendingSkys would volunteer for?
    There is also a related suggestion about using leads to clear mobs out of the spawn area's landscaping holes
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  3. Many years ago, rules were developed to prevent building within 8,000 blocks of the wild spawn area, and it was stipulated that the region within the yellow bounding box would be periodically reset. However, these rules were often disregarded. As far as I know, the administrators have never reset any of the areas within the bounding box extending from spawn to 8,000 blocks out. This could be due to a gap between ambition and the practical ability to carry out such a large-scale reset.

    Additionally, players started constructing public farms near the spawn, which unfortunately resulted in these areas being griefed. I attempted to contribute by placing several double chests of dirt around the SMP6 wild spawn a few years ago, but the task of restoring such a vast area became so overwhelming that I eventually gave up.

    I currently reside permanently in the wild on SMP8. I've established a rail system that connects to a mineshaft located just inside the spawn area at around level 12. I also use the Vault system to facilitate item transportation. The area above ground has been significantly altered due to mining activities. Cleaning up and restoring these areas might potentially enhance the experience for new players, encouraging them to stay longer and engage more with the server.
  4. While I appreciate the hard work of any of the Frontier repair efforts, this post isn't about that part of the spawns.

    But to clarify, this is regarding the Inside of Protected Spawn area only, where damage must have occurred just before the area was completely protected. There are trees that are partially chopped and there are areas that cannot be passed on foot without some type of path added. In the nether, there is a whole mountain between the spawn platform and the boundary where you can break blocks. Ravines that need a bridge of some kind added so that you can walk to the west, instead of walking to the north and then angling to the west ... just to leave the spawn on foot.

    And yes, there are trapped mobs all over some of the spawn areas.

    These are they type of "paths" that I would like to see repaired/added to those areas.
  5. It seems like both categories of repairing or tidying up the spawns goes hand in hand.

    To a point, I've never understood it. Staff members are well aware that there's plenty of good, honest, trustworthy folk who could be approved for assembling a team tasked with jobs such as these. Surely there has to be certain parameters that could be instated for specific authorization while still placing strict restriction(s) on what allowances can be made to alter the protected areas in question.

    I can also second the mob issue. Animals and hostiles in some situations have been stuck. It's nothing new, and it's a real pain in the kicker trying to remove them.

    Nonetheless, it's always been for the benefit of the server's players both new and old. Like Silken mentioned though, it is a hefty undertaking that can easily have players facing burnout if they don't pace themselves steadily.

    I don't know how busy it is now for ss, but it seems more like a burden to throw on them than to lay upon players with lesser authority and more freedom.

    Safe travels to ya!
  6. This is true in the begining we did not have the waste area for resource gathering. So the area around spawns were periodically reset. All that changed when the waste area was implemented. rather than a final reset around the spawn areas, they left it as it was. On smp5 players have gradualy repaired the area and built up structures and farms and whatnot. To reset it now would destroy a lot of player effort. I cant speak to the other smp as i am primarily on 5. but it appears that repair work has been done by others as well.
  7. Someone (truthfully I can't remember who) - asked me in chat the other night if they could have build in spawn. And I was all like ?No?. But after they actually explained why (wanting to help blend the outside of spawn area - with the spawn area); I mentioned that maybe there is a world where we could create some subzones in the main spawn to temporarily give out some player perms for beautification purposes.

    ultimately, that is a project that needs some more rules and regulations on. But I could see us moving forward with it at some point. Stay tuned.
  8. All the smps have had rebuilding efforts.
    I have participated in several efforts.
    And most of the smps have farms/public area's at some spawns.

    The whole frontier spawn issue is a 3 pronged event:
    a. Get the player into and out of spawn with some ease (the blocks can't be broken, so why are there obstacles?)
    b. Maintain the scenery for the spawns, but make sure there is access to public area's (player repair parties might just be a thing that stays around)
    c. Keeping the Waste a primary topic for all players (new and returning), so it's front and center in our minds

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