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  1. I don't know if anyone will agree but I would use /c f, a lot. It removes the hassle of making a group chat with all your friends. If not supporter u shouldn't be able to use anything other than group chat in waste/wild. But really friend chat would make a lot of things simpler for a lot of people, for example we have a group of people on smp9 that always hang out together and we use a big group chat. But /c f would make thing ps easier.

    - Thanks Jdog
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  2. Likely will not happen. It was brought up in a stream and the rough answer was:
    • You will keep seeing random messages. Imagine you're talking to your friend. A person who's your friend but not the other persons friend will only see half of the conversation. Ever see a conversation between a player with one in PM and one in town chat?
    • Would decrease use of town chat. Which is generally a bad thing.
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  3. Great idea! I would love to see this added! It would cool if it was cross server too. +1
  4. No because u only talk to your friends, and normally all your friends. It wouldn't reduce use of town chat because it saves people from using group chat. I have heard half of a conversation and it is frustrating so I see where you coming from there.
  5. I do not normally talk to all of my friends at once, but thats just me. I am friends with some people, but better friends with others. I like to have conversations with just a few and then I will just make a group chat. :) I would love cross server but this would not be how it should be done. Most people do not talk to all of their friends at once, especially not when you have over one page of friends =)
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  6. Yeah, heh, I totally have trouble with talking to my many friends at once.

  7. That honestly shouldn't be the case, and it untrue, because at one point those people weren't your friends. You can't tell me you never talk to people besides your friends...

    But I think the main problem with this is the half-conversation problem.
  8. I like the idea, only problem is you need friends :)
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  9. Ouch, that (likely unintentional) burn though. Also, there's this

    I don't really like this idea. This would just make spam everywhere for users, because their "friends" will be continuously talking about something to nobody (from your end), things would get confusing, it's just not a very well-built idea overall.

    What would be cool is cross-server groups and private messages. For everyone, not just friends.
  10. RESOLUTION: /c g
  11. For the note I was insulting my self
  12. Whoops, misunderstood