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  1. As many of you know, there was only one free supporter contest, and many of you are waiting for the next competition. Maybe IcecreamCow and JustinGuy haven't had enough time to set one up but I think they might need ideas.

    My idea is that the 3 top people that vote for EMC the most in one month win the supporter.

    It would awesome if people could post their own ideas to maybe "spark" the minds of IcecreamCow and JustinGuy.


    -EMC promotional video

    -best EMC music video


    -Redstone circuits, wool art, buildings, etc. Something that takes a week to do, and a week of judging max.

    -Either that, or hide a sign in the wild, first person to post a screenshot of it wins.

    -build the best X in Y amount of time

    -biggest EMC tribute monument

    -best short EMC movie

    -montage of EMC

    -Pvp challenge. Kills the most in the alloted time

    -Best tower

    -Supporter credits. (You get them with a referal)
  2. I think we should have to create a promotional video and put it on you tube. I would almost defiantly win that.
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  3. ''Don't worry. We'll for sure have more things coming up. Just had a lot of life and Minecraft things going on recently. :)''

    That's from ICC from the old win a free supporters thread.
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  4. So this thread could help make and easy decision for ICC and JC.
  5. I posted an idea exactly like that in a thread about voting for EMC in
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  6. I'm just saying that they are busy IRL that's why there are no recent win a free supporter.
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  8. The issue I see there is that you can only vote once per day per account. Given the idea of free supporter for a month, I'm sure that several people would vote each day, giving a large multi-way tie.
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  9. Make it a lottery, everyone who tied gets their name put in a "hat" of some kind, then they pick three names:)
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  10. We already have a promotional video.
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  11. That is too easy and many people could win. The lottery wouldn't be fair as it takes no skill.
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  12. You do know what a lottery is, right? Its about as fair as you can get.
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  13. I think you should just have like the Best EMC Music Video :p
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  14. Let me put it this way, do you like multi-choice tests or short response tests? I like multi-choice test because you have at least one of the answers right there. I hope it will be that way with IcecreamCow and JustinGuy.
  15. I mean did you stop reading half way through? The lottery takes no skill and it is not fair to randomly give out the supportership.
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  16. Maybe you are right, but it is an idea and we have to respect it.
  17. Don't talk to me about respect. Did you not see his post to me?
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  18. *stays silent* This is not a war thread. Please talk about ideas. Don't start a fight.
  19. I was until he had to make a snarky comment.
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  20. Ok, it is over now.
    Have any more ideas?