Free Rupees!

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  1. Hey all. I just hit my 100th voting bonus, and am flush with the rupee award that comes along with it. So, I will be giving away 45,000 rupees, in 5,000r increments. The last nine people posting a comment on this thread as of 8:00 pm EMC time on 5/29/15 (Friday) will get the rupees!

    If there are fewer than nine commenters, I'll break up the 45k among them.

    ALSO: If you want these rupees to go to someone else, I can send them to anyone the winners specify.

    Good luck!

  2. I don't want to be included (too many other deserving players) but I do want to thank you for doing this. Awesome!

    I got enough rupees as it is and I'll just find better ways to rob you in the game ;)

    Errr... What I meant was: I'll simply continue voting untill I hit the next 100 streak for more monah ;)
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  3. This is sounding good, being as I only have a small 35k. I hope that i might win something!
  4. Shel, if you win, you can give the r to someone who needs it.

    Also, I forgot to mention, commenting again if you get bumped out of the top nine is totally ok.
  5. This calls for some explosive action!
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  6. Mmmmmm Give mine to DarkSniper2000
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  8. Me please ;-;?

    EDIT: Damn... I need to read stuff
  9. Read the thread ;-;
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  10. What stuff did you need to read...?
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  11. that its not the 29th :p
  12. wait, the LAST 9th people.... =.=;;;;
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  13. Wait I am not IN?
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  14. well, the last ninth BY the 29th. So, I guess if the thread gets buried, and I totally don't bump it on Thursday, you all might win with these comments!

    Totes gonna bump it, tho.
  15. This is so nice of you x7mx really nice of you giving back is the best thing ever!!!
  16. Giving back, or promoting the voting process? Noo one willll evarr knowwwww!!! *spooky noises*
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  17. Hmmmm, interesting . . .
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