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  1. Hey EMC,

    In January I joined a gaming startup, GameLoot, and moved to sunny Las Vegas. We are building gaming contests centered on IRL sports. The first version launched a few weeks ago and we are looking for feedback as we improve the experience. With all the great feedback from the EMC community that has turned it into such a great place, I figured some of you may want to take a few minutes and try out GameLoot. As a bonus if you register on GameLoot (free) you will receive 3,000 EMC Rupees!

    To get the free Rupees use this link: When you complete the registration the GameLoot confirmation email will contain a link to claim the Rupees.

    In the future this will help the EMC Community by allowing us to exchange traffic with GameLoot, like we do with

    Note: If anyone posts some links to the contests you have entered I will enter them also (you can just copy the url when you are viewing the leaderboard).

    Thanks for your time and happy mining!
  2. Free stuff?
    yes please :)
    *EDIT* ninja'd
    why jack why :(
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  3. I would but, I don't play sports NOOOO 3k Gone down the drain :(
  4. Omgz i wants in
  5. You were officialy the first :)
  6. Also, let's take bets on how long it'll be before there is a "ZOMG, it's Justin" or something like that.
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  7. Wait so you live in Las Vegas now? With your family?

    Hopefully you don't have a Gambling Problem.
  8. Yay! Moar rewpees!
  9. ZOMG, it's Justin

    Not long, Rainbow, not long. :p
  10. I did move with the wife and Daughter. I don't get any enjoyment for gambling so I am safe with that...

    Hi, Justin. :)
    I'm joining! ^_^

    EDIT:'re preventing me from making a username starting with a number, are ya? :cool:
    100r to anyone who can guess what I chose instead of my regular name. :)
  12. Just Joined Rupees? Whereee Arrrree yououoouou!?
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  13. You get a "confirmation email" to verify your e-mail and the link will be in there.
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  14. The link to get the rupees is in the confirmation email you will get from If you didn't get it send an email to me and I will help you out :)
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  15. wiat dat is jutsin pls jutsin i want a bookz of u i love u pls
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  16. but, but what if i don't enjoy any of those sports? lol
  17. Also, I get the sense that you might have a better chance if you live in America and know all the players haha
  18. We are working on Soccer, what kind of sports do you like?