Free moneyz

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  1. I am giving 1k to the first 10 people to reply to this post, please no alts. Also tell me what you are going to do with it (be creative)

    EDIT if i like your post that means ive paid you
  2. Hey, I would save up for a beacon! or save it to help a friend out
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  3. Sure. I'll give everyone that joins SMP8 tomorrow 1r. =P
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  4. Necessary savings to be prepared with emergency scenarios.
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  5. Alrighty then. I plan to put it towards my first big project :)
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  6. I'm going to sit there with it wondering why I posted on a thread for 1,000 rupees.
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  7. I plan to donate to the empire minecraft sink!
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  8. Put it towards building my mega mall on smp2. :)
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  9. Me plz
    Help reach my goal of obtaining 1 million Rupees.
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  10. yo

    edit: saving for frontier land purchase
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  11. I will take the rupees and use them to bribe the troll so that he'll let me cross the bride.
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  12. Noooo!
    Can I still have the rupees please?
  13. Ill put it towards my parkour tower
  14. Please make sure you follow through with this, Runningrhino
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  15. He has on my end MrSocks. :)
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