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  1. I would like to give away about 2mill rupees.

    Please comment how much you would like and what you would use it on. I am hoping to give money to people who are building projects. They can be personal or communal.

    Be kind to what other people may want but I hope to honor each request.

    Feel free to spread this thread, there's plenty of money to go around.

    Also, it would be great to see how my money is being used, so feel free to send me updates with all the awesome work y'all are doing!

    Best, Equinox
  2. well what an amazing thing of you to do :eek:

    i'm working on some big project that do take a lot of rupees
    one of which is a really big 3-res skyscraper, which can be seen on my 2,3 and 5th res i think
    one thing that will be added too this skyscraper will be a mall where buy and sell prices will be the same
    so that everyone can sell like they would own a shop for themselves
    not sure what to do with the other floors yet, but ideas are Always welcome :p just as rupees
    another project is a guardian farm i'm working on
    but i'm not active enough and so i need to pay someone to drain an extra area for me
    this is mostly to make a nice build out of it
    i'm not sure if i'm going to make that public, as there is a really good public one really close to spawn on the same smp
    so rupees are always welcome for this build aswel :)

    as for how much i want, i really dont know
    i don't feel like it's something i should be able to decide
    i'll be happy with whatever i get, even if its only a coal block
    so i'll leave this up to you :) feel free to check out my builds in town
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  3. How did you get so many rupees? :confused:
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  4. I would like the rupees to work on a large mall, dont know how much i would need
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  5. i would like some ruppes to contribute to my 2 million ruppe drop party as of now im 500k short so any money you send will help
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  6. That is very nice!
    I would like 2mil in total:
    1mil to go to SSBT, owned by LaFleurVerte, as I'm one of the Head Designers.
    Here is the link to the info and job hirings! It may seem mysterious but I can say it obviously is a large project in need of rupees:

    The other mil I would like to go to some of my Halloween event, Foxy Hollow and I was hoping to build an event for my birthday! That would include a DP, Prize pop, Parkour, and other things to spend time on!

    Of course, if the birthday event doesn't work out, I'll build a mall or a special shop ;)

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! :D
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  7. As ElectricHamstar has started streaming again(kinda C'mon Jack give the people what they want) I would like to contribute to the hamsters future giveaways, any donation would be nice and will benefit our streams :)
  8. I think its great of you to do this, I would like 10 to 50k to buy materials for my base and the many farms I plan to build
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  9. I am building a massive project (emc.gs/t/78993/ is related) and it's gonna cost me millions (like, around 30 million or more). I don't have all of those millions yet, so I'd definitely love some love! If you'd like to know more info on the project, dm me!

    Construction has already begun, and the first piece of the project should be done in about a week and a half, and I will be hosting an event relating to it!
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  11. I am not really sure, but if you have any money left can I please have 300k? 200k will go to 607's round of The First Loser, and the other 100k will go into funding any builds I am planning!
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  12. Hello! So about a year ago i lost about 5 million rupees in promos due to a derelict res. Of course this is my fault but you can imagine how close my collection of promos was to me! I would like some r to put towards a permenant res voucher so this never happens again! Any amount is okay but you know how much those vouchers cost :D really great youre doing this buddy, can even design something for you as im a professionally qualified graphics designer! x
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  13. I tbink you already know what I'm going to ask for...
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  14. Wow. So generous of you to do this. I don't mind how much i receive, completely up to you. I am currently working on a nature and mob based shop on SMP 4 before gradually expanding into other stuff in the future. The money will go into the resources i need for the project. In the future i plan on making a stone & wood farm on my second residence. A .long term goal i do have in mind is a permanent res voucher... already lost one res on my alt tamora. quite the build too.
    the money will also go into amour and tools for fights on mini bosses ( i like killing them on diff 7 -10 ).
    if you like to see what i have done, the residence is 8585. thanks :D
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  15. But whyyy
    (by the way: it's planned to start at January 6th)
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  16. Just wanted to update relating to my last post. That project finished construction last night. In one day we built a res-wide structure with over 40 positions left to fill in SSBT. You'll still see it in a few weeks after we've enchanted 600-800 tools and applied finishing touches.
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  17. Hi my guy, really cool project. Maybe instead of money you need DC of items. I have a ton of DC of random stuff I'd be happy to give to you for free. PM me and we can work something out.
    Also, I have a lot of DC of stuff you might want. PM me with what you're looking for and I can see.
    Awesome! I sent a little money over :)
    Good luck on your projects! I sent some money your way :)
    biig yeet

    Awesome!! Sent the money your way :)
    Looks awesome! I sent some support, perhaps later on I can be more involved. Good luck!
    Awesome! Check your R
    I wish I still had a perm voucher I would give it to you. Sent some money your way. Good luck!
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  18. yeet good luck!!
    lol ez win
    have fun with your adventures!
  19. Also funny story: someone decided not to buy my promos bc they saw what I was doing with my money and didn't want me to give it away

    big yeet
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  20. I would like 300k or less, your choice it doesn't matter, I'm just low on rupees and need more to make more player events and I need prizes to give as well to players who win
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