Free Houses In The Wild (SPM1)

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  1. I have made a couple houses in the wild for free on smp1. I'm planning on make self-dependent villages which involves growing food, trading with villagers, and mining to build more homes n stuff. Once i have a decent village made and 100k rupees I'm going to rent out my res and retire in the wild. Any contribution would help me make the wild an easier place to live. What i really need is axe's, oak wood logs, acacia wood logs, birch planks, and torches.. sooo yeah haha
  2. Lol, I read this as "Free Horses in the Wild".
  3. Smooth margaritte smooth.....
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  4. So I'm a little obsessed with horsies... sue me! To stay on topic, kilmannan and I have done much the same thing on smp5, and are just waiting for wild land protections to open up the place for visitors! I love the wild community idea!

    Edit: Here's ours, but the thread's locked now :D
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  5. Thats cool haha.
  6. Here's the view from the new building.

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  7. Alright. Filing papers now, prepare to get sued.
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  8. I am sorry but I couldn't find the server SPM1
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  9. Lol Wut? Not sure if I already said this but its in the West Outpost in the Wild.
  10. Nice title :p
  11. Wy make you it so big it is a free house make not 1 big one make 5 small one than have you more locations and make thare free food I can for free gif you a lot of stuff to make a farm, and a sword on every house for monsters and make a mine with torches than have you a lot of Nice places to farm mine and hide
  12. As of right now it has one weird sugercane farm (5 1/2 stacks), 2 Wheat farms, 2 Carrot farms, 2 animal farms (each have mushroom cows), a tree farm, and a Dog farm. I built a road to an abandoned iron farm, mob grinder, and a castle that I'm going to convert to storage. All I really need is fences and obsidian, I've been chopping a lot of trees lately.
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  13. I have donete a lot of used stuff :D