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  1. Little Kid: "Mom can I have some money"
    Mom: "Sure, how much. Why anyway?"
    Little Kid: "I want $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 mom for something!"
    Mom: "Sure Here You Go"
    Little Kid: "Yay, now I can go bid my heart out at the casino!"
    Mom: "Wait, what?!"
    Little Kid: "hehe" *runs off not knowing the mom only gave him $2*

    XD thx for giveaway
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  2. Hey I Added You! here my friend code: 1778-9947-2813 (I Play Pokemon Y)
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  3. Added u, we r now friends
  4. what is dis
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  5. Picking right now! Check OP for winners!
  6. Woo! Thanks Wolff! :D
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  7. what is OP?
  8. OP can mean a few things:
    - OverPowered
    - Original Post
    - Original Poster (so the person posting the thread)

    In this case it meant original post. :)
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  9. ok then whats the original psot?
  10. The post the thread was posted with: post #1 of the thread ;)