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  1. "What? Wolff's giving away a free Elytra? How do I get one?!" -LittleJohnyWhoWantsAnElytra
    Yes! If you want a free pair of wings, comment on this!
    Winners will be picked in 1 week! (on the 19th of June)
    Users will be picked with
    1st Place -- Elytra Post #72.... crazy_X_gamer!
    2nd Place --20k Post #117.... batroach!
    3rd Place -- 10k Post #108... FDNY21
    Congratulations to the winners!
    Prizes will be given soon!
    +×NO ALTS×+ Good luck to you all.
  2. this is a comment
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  3. I'm sorry to say you can't ask for likes and followers in a thread.
    I'll let you edit it out so the OP is as you like it. The leaving a comment part is perfectly fine as is.

    EDIT: thank you
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  5. Sorry. Fixed! :p
  6. Free stuff! :D Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :D
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  7. I believe I can fly...! :D
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  8. I'm gonna go ahead and coment
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  9. Guess what? This is a comment
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  10. *Comment Goes Here*
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  11. This is a very short, yet meaningful comment
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  12. #EggNation!
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  13. Fact : While using the elytra, you are an angel from the end.
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  14. free stuff is good stuff
  15. i need this :p
    great give-away :)
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  16. execute comment.exe

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