Foxy's Pixel Art Commissions! { Open? :P }

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Are you ordering anything?

uhhhh... sure *runs away* 1 vote(s) 11.1%
plzno 0 vote(s) 0.0%
wut 1 vote(s) 11.1%
YAAAAAAS 3 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. Hello peeps its Foxy in da house

    Anyways, I've been thinking:
    Foxy_Kitty: No one does pixel art anymore... ;-;
    Mind: OMG u should do pixel art!

    And here we are :p

    Just so you know I am a 13 year old who loves to build, but I don't want to do "build commissions". I couldn't really think of anything but I realized that I love art and building, so why not combine the two and do Pixel Art? :D
    - Please keep the orders CLEAN and remember to follow the emc rules
    - Please be nice on this thread, ily all
    - I won't accept any irl cash, mostly rupees. I will also accept trades worth the amount of rupees if anyone needs to do that.
    - I will happily accept tips!
    - Please double check your post, it will be a pain to destroy something I've started because of that ;-;
    - If you don't like your commission, I am really sorry! I am new to this too, but please don't kill me for it x.x
    - Please pay AFTER I have replied to your commission
    - I am currently NOT completing any commissions ON EMC! I may change later, but I hate gathering materials and doing pixel art in survival.
    - I don't have schematica, so I won't be able to give you the finished product, only a picture.


    What are you ordering?

    Is there a skin or character in your commission? If so, please give me a link to the skin or character you want built.

    Flat or upright?

    When can you send payment? (please don't pay until I reply)

    Anything extra I should know?

    nu examples yet srry ;-;

    *This includes full skin bodies, animals, small buildings, etc.*
    Background: 9k
    Detailed Background: 14k
    3D: 10k
    2D: 5k

    (Background not required, just recommended.)

    Still no examples yet sowwy...

    3D: 5k
    2D: 2k
    Background: 3k
    Detailed Background: 10k

    (Background not required, just recommended.)

    Uhmm no examples still :-P

    3D: 17k (but it will look soooo kool)
    2D: 5k
    Within a 100x100 range: 90k
    Within a 80x80 range:
    Within a 75x75 range: 55k
    Within a 60x60 range: 40k
    Within a 50x50 range: 30k
    Within a 25x25 range: 15k

    With any other "ranges" I will give you a custom price! :p

    Umm sorry again...

    3D: 20k (but it will look soooo kool)
    2D: 10k
    Within a 25x25 range: 30k
    Within a 35x35 range: 40k
    Within a 40x40 range: 47k
    Within a 50x50 range: 55k
    Within a 60x60 range: 80k
    Within a 75x75 range: 90k
    Within a 100x100 range: 120k

    With any other "ranges" I will give you a custom price! :p


    3D: 1.5k
    2D: 1k
    Detailed: 10k
    Regular: 7k
    Bad Quality (for my relate-able broke homies): 500r-1k lol

    Tell me your idea and I'll probably do it :p

    Price may vary on each idea.


    Please don't PM me a commission, I don't want a full mailbox :p

    The difference between "Pixel art" and "Complex Piece"; pixel art is meant to be in pixels and complex pieces are pictures ordered by you guys that I turn into pixel pieces. Complex pieces are also more expensive because they require more work.

    (If you have a better definition please tell me lol)

    The default prices are underlined for those who forget to specify something or for people who aren't sure what to order.

    I currently am not capable of creating a piece with a skin or character on it without picture reference, sorry about that ;-;

    For those who don't appreciate their art, I am willing to refund half your rupees, but I hope that doesn't need to happen. I will spend lots of good time on these, and I'd rather it not be wasted.

    If this job goes downhill anytime, I will be closing down until a saviour brings me back in business :p

    I will regularly take a week or so to finish each commission. I have school and other personal events going on, but I still do wish to get them done as quick as possible otherwise!
    -top_benny (3D Regular (head) Icon)

    Thanks! :D
  2. can i get an icon? please?
  3. Yup! Can I have a link to your skin?
    Also double-checking to make sure your ordering the default "regular 2d icon"?
    (added a wait list)
  4. Hey I found my old icon sry for bothering you I will most likely order a new one in early 2019
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  5. What is this? Another possible person I may have to commission?!? :eek:
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  7. Foxy, can you show us some examples? I would like to commission you but I'd like to see how awesome your skills are! :D
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  8. Okay! let me know when your in!
    I can't give examples yet because I haven't finished anything :p
    I am now working on a detailed icon for Skiddylicense04 and a 200x150 pixel art as a Christmas present for a friend of mine. I'll post them on the thread as soon as they are finished!
  9. Awesome, I cannot wait to see! :)
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  10. godda love how alot of ppl in the artist threads are copying my order fourm, like fr its honestly adorable xDDD seen like 3 ppl so far use it
    ill def have to get somthing from you at some point lol
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  11. I will admit wholeheartedly that I had two tabs open, one creating the thread and one on your post :p

    Like I said before your art is awesome, keep up the great work Bosoc!

    Edit: but u know I am technically doing a different art than you still :p
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  12. Hey foxy kitty I would like a icon of my skin head (will put link in a bit) also i want it 3D please.

    My skin.


    There’s no time limit you do it whenever you want😉 just don’t take a decade:)
    Thank ya
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  13. Thank you!

    I am almost finished your commission BTW, just had a few computer issues is all. :)

    Also, just a reminder but I still haven't received a payment from you yet.
    Feel free to send whenever!
  14. I cannot wait to see what this looks like. :)
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  15. Finished!

    I still haven't received any payment from you since you posted :oops:
    Please send asap :p

    I need a link to your skin please!
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  16. Oh my, this is very good. :eek:

    May I ask if I can commission you for something?
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  18. I sent payment yesterday (Monday) around 6pm EST, this looks great!
  19. :eek: Of course!!

    Thank you.
    Will get started on yours tomorrow hopefully!

    Whoops! I must have missed it :p
    Thanks! :D

    (Please don't put it in quotes next time :p)
    Will get started on yours today hopefully!
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  20. Thank You but I do not recall placing my commission yet. Am I mistaken? (I did double check the forum to verify.)