[FOUND] The old tutorial!

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  1. After some hard work i discovered the old tutorial and managed to get inside, its at /v old_store. ShelLuser will write more in the comments ;)
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  2. This is what I get...
  3. ive seen it
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  4. [ShellRant]

    When it comes to things like these.. then I really start to appreciate the server so much more... I love this place (and you can quote me on that! (yes, even when I'm sometimes a little critical; I love this place)).


    Find the bedrock pillar, there is a hole next to it. Follow it down, enderpearl your way into the labyrinth of the Minotaur. When you get to a bigger build you can glitch your way through the whole thing.

    I shall (somewhat) show... off..

    For the record (important): All credit goes to f_builder_s (but I do "curse" him for making me lose sleep!) :)

    Nah, joking guys, this was fricking awesome!

    I remember Kephras mentioning this. Without details, builder followed up and we joined... Or in this case, all is fair: builder found the stuff, I tried to teleport in using pearls at a time.... I really should now have done this.... BUT, Monday is a free day, who cares...

    f_builder_s following up with pearls

    With thanks to AyanamiKun for, well, sharing a good load of ender pearls.

    ... which I can now prob. pay back 2 fold :D

    More seriously now.. This. was. awesome.

    Rei making her way in just after builder

    We even found the start!

    Oh my, that head ;)

    At this time we did not find an official way in, but enderpearls work. And a LOT of enderpearls (thanks Rei!) work too ;)

    Honestly guys? When I look at stuff like this, just after I found some of the tutorial eastern eggs... Then all I can think of is... What an awesome server this is. Seriously, folks. How easy would it be for "the powers that be" to remove the stuff and leave things as they were? Instead...

    Yah, short post for my doing. I am waaaay over my tax. I need some serious sleep :)

    But this was awesome. Keyword: Enderpearls!
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  5. I hated this tutorial when I first joined, with the long tunnels >.>
  6. It was cool :)

    First u gives, then u asks to give away :p ur welcome :cool:

    this was cool, hope to get back soon...
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  7. It had many problems.

    You could track players heads and therefore find answers easily. You could also just tail people, ruining the point.
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  8. Oh my goodness! That takes me back!
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  9. I remember going through this tutorial when I joined the Empire all those days ago... Good times! :)
  10. I did that tutorial 4 times ;-; After the first time it's easy to do :p I guessed my way through most of them!

    Now you just gotta see the old shop. It's awesome... xD
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  11. smp5
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  12. may u show me how to get there
  13. Why go to that re-make? Go to the original tutorial at /v 9075@tutorial on SMP4. There are a few improvements inside this one. Can you figure them out?
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  14. Next thing you know people will freak out about this:)
  15. Good idea...
    I will start right away.
    :mad: Darn it!!!
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  16. Oh, the tutorial... <3 I remember thinking you needed to store your stuff in the wild in an old sock... little did I know about [LOCKED] signs :p
    I had no problems with this tutorial whatsoever, it was straight-forward, simple and fair. I loved it.
    I also remember going back into it months later, showing another player the correct paths, with all my gear xD I think we also talked a bit using a book and quill, because I believe you were able to drop stuff in the tutorial back then.
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  17. Im scrad:eek:
  18. Its on every Smp at where the old /shop used to be. Its not really a secret. Surprised that there is a big 'discovery' thread for this when about every veteran knows about it.