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What do u think about my configuration?

Keep it! 2 vote(s) 100.0%
Don't use Keystrokes... 0 vote(s) 0.0%
What is a Keystroke!? 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. As a minecraft player i prefer to use a Ps4 Control in my everyday Gaming.
    But since there is no native support for joysticks in minecraft,
    i'm in the need of a third party driver: ControllerMate
    I would like to be sure my configuration is not breaking any rule.
    Having asked a couple of mods before (never asked a senior staff), they seem to have different opinion.
    1. when i push the left joystick the first 80% it press the forward button (W), when push at 100% it press the forward and sprint buttons (W+ctrl)
    2. Right joystick click: sneak (Shift) Double click and hold second click 0.45s: Toggle sneak (hold Shift)
    3. Share button: press 1 time types: -st[Enter] 2 times -st store[Enter] 3 times -st get[Enter] (Speed: 5 keys per second, human alike speed, actually its very slow)
    4. Ps button: [F1+F5] [F5+F1+F5] Toggle first person view to third person view and hides GUI (Speed: Max, u can't notice when skips the third person self view, i don't know the speed data)
    Considering allowed mods:
    • Better Sprinting Mod - Forge
    List of Features
    - Sprint Hold key with an obvious function
    - Sprint Toggle key which toggles between sprinting and walking
    - Sneak Toggle key which toggles sneaking (opening GUIs makes you stand up until you close it)

    Every other button has a single action, nothing special.
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  2. As long as it doesn't make you go faster than normal. It is okay for you to have a sprint key on your controller :)
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  3. Thx :), i'm used to play with the controller, don't wanna waste my lap keyboard.
  4. *smh* console gamers :/
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  5. Haven't play a console since halo 2, bought the control exclusively for not wasting my mac keyboard, minecraft on EMC is the only game i play nowadays :p.
  6. Tbh the Xbox controller is legitimately awesome to play with on some games. I use one for Rocket League, GTA, Speedrunners, among others where it's way easier to play with than keyboard.

    But any game where you need any amount of precise movement/aim/FPS/anything like that, mouse and keyboard all the way.

    I find Minecraft way easier with M+KB though.
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  7. I fojnd out holding crtl when runningn is faster than double tapping w
  8. It isn't. How did you "find out"?
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  9. Nope.
  10. Same here
  11. lol double tapping w... of course u will be slower u have to stop an instant everytime u have to run... when a block stops u, when the run timer ends...
    in my opinion using forward key to run is a disadvantage some players didn't knew about.

    the question is holding sprint key makes u run faster than normal? the awnser is no
    holding the sprint key makes u run longer than normal? the awnser is yes
    when u hit the sprint key once u will run for a limited time, holding the key makes u run until hunger stops u.

    this actually works on many other games, is better just to change sprint key to left shift, and hold it when u need to run.
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  12. And then what button to change sneak to? ;)
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  13. switch sprint key and sneak key. :p
  14. I personally have sneak on shirt, and hold sprint on E (next to w). It's perfect, in my opinion, and I challenge people to think of something better :p