[forumgame] The New Era 2.0

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  1. A while back, Mrlegitislegit hosted a forum game which turned out to be my all-time favourite on EMC and probably ever. And I feel like playing it again.

    All info is here.
    Rules are as follows, quoted from the thread:

    One extra rule. If you choose an empire which existed in the 1950s, you get to control all countries which were under that empire at the time. If you choose a nation which was under an empire in the 1950s, you are free to either do as the empire says, or wage a war of independence against it.

    Application is as follows:

    Now for my application:

    Nation: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Government type (How you will act): When I seize power, the USSR becomes a mixed economy with a democratic and peaceful government.
    Population (May not exceed 50 million): 50,000,000
    Army size ( May not exceed 20 thousand): 20,000

    Map of current countries is as follows:

    Let the game begin.
  2. Nation: The Ottoman Empire.
    Government type: Democracy with hints of monarchy.
    Population: 35,000
    Army size: 10,000
  3. The game is set in the 1950s, the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist in 1923.

    The USSR changes its name to Aissergorp.
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  4. Wait... The ottoman empire existed in the 1950s?...

    Nation: UK
    Government type (How you will act): Democratic
    Population (May not exceed 50 million): 45 million
    Army size ( May not exceed 20 thousand): 20 thousand
  5. Aissergorp invites the United Kingdom to a union with Aissergorp.
  6. The UK asks for more information about Aissergorp.
  7. I was told it recently ended. I'll make a new one.
    Nation: Japan
    Government type: Democratic
    Population: 37 million
    Army: 15 thousand
  8. We are a socially democratic state which seeks the integration and cooperation of all states for the common good.
  9. The UK accepts the offer to join and begins to research better weapons.
  10. Aissergorp invites Japan to a union with Aissergorp.
  11. Offer accepted.
  12. Updated with fancy transparent map.
  13. The UK finishes researching new guns, which are 2x more powerful than the guns of other countries. They now begin researching and building missile defense systems.
  14. Aissergorp assists.
  15. The USSR hasn't existed for a while either. And Aissergorp is not a real country name. And since when did Guiana and Honduras go commy?
  16. Union: U.S.A (Not for long :3)
    Goverment type: Democratic
    Population: 30 million (Just because i cannot seem to find anywhere with the population of the U.S. In the 50's ._. )
    Army: 20 thousand

    First order of business.
    USA Changes its name to U.S.D
    United States of Discord.......
  17. This is set in the 1950s, when there was a USSR.
    I changed the name to Aissergorp, my country, my rules.
    Guyana and Honduras are part of the British Empire, which is in a union with Aissergorp along with Japan.

    You are invited to a union with Aissergorp.
  18. Nation: Panama
    Government Type: Populist Democratic
    Population: 1 million
    Army: National Guard consisting of Air, Sea and Land forces with combine number of 35,000.
  19. The U.S.D respectfully declines for the time being. Wishing to remain fully independent
    We begin working on better Air/Anti-Air Weaponry (Planes and heavy caliber AA guns)
  20. Aissergorp invites you to a union.