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  1. I've wanted to do one of these for awhile, but never got around to doing it. This post should lead you to a series of puzzles I've hidden both on the EMC forums and on 3rd party sites, which will eventually lead you to the answer. For 50k, respond on this thread with the answer to this question: What is my only summer goal? Everyone who significantly helps gets an additional 1k. Good luck!
    [Hint #1]
    [Hint #2] Since white is all the colors combined, colors are technically the result of removing things from white.
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  2. Your summer goal: Do something.

    Im pretty sure im close.
  3. Sending you the 50k right now.
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  4. To finish the Witherripper/Wtherfarm?
  5. By the way, the purpose of this thread is to use the OP to lead you to a series of puzzles which will eventually lead you to the answer, not just to guess.
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  7. I know I'm somewhat guessing, but I did use "alternative means" to look for some clues and possible answers.

    My answer would be helping people out. Because of the summer the month would have no deadlines for you, so it'd be fully a helper month.

    Of course I did pull a few things horribly out of context there, but I still thought it was a fun attempt :)
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  8. Hint has been added to the OP.
  9. I thought I needed to convert the colour hex into decimals and check that post, but it seems to be a post that doesn't exist yet.
  10. Maybe the color is a residence tag or location on one of rythmically's residences?
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  11. Additional hint added to the OP.
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  13. Here is the post that seems to be the current clue. Any ideas?