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  1. Hey all, this has been in the back of my mind for a while, and it is to make a list of what SMP's the forum members play on.

    (Tip: Use cntrl-f on Google Chrome to look for words, then type in the username you're trying to find)

    SMP1 - weeh666, Bro_im_infinite, jay2a, NathanRP,
    SMP2 - B4DMAN5IMON, Elfinpineapple0, ShelLuser, AmusedStew, Evesthery, Uber_Corq, AlexChance, Trucker454,
    SMP3 - Lockdown32, Whatsthefoxsay1, Luckypat, Olaf_C, FWRonald
    SMP4 - AwesomeBuilder33, pascal1881, nfell2009, ShelLuser, ww2fan168, SEPTHEKID, Chocolate800, Kalia1784, kevmeup,
    SMP5 - f_Builder_s, PenguinDJ, marshmallow369, daveiscool321, L3A8,
    SMP6 - EffinBatman, bluebiscuit2007, BreezyMan, MissMadison910, NathanRP, Dragonhawk32,
    SMP7 - nuclearbobomb, 607, OrangDuck607, Justin8846, EmoryCrafts
    SMP8 - georgeashington, Deadmaster98, BlackKnight1021, huckleberry24, toto_style123, NathanRP, Doggie45, cadenman2002, StreamingFire, Trucker454
    SMP9 - NetherSpecter, cdjs1987, TechNinja_42, FDNY21,
    Utopia - ElfinPineapple0, MrsWishes, AmusedStew, cdjs1987, NathanRP,
    Stage - B4DMAN5IMON,

    I won't be putting in ranks since it would be hard to keep it up to date.

    Also, got anyway to make a better listing system? Since this might get in-efficient..
    (Yea, I need better title wording if anyone has an idea..)

    Feel free to post your username down below with the SMP you play on most, and I'll add you to the list!
  2. First :p

    I think it would be more helpfull if you use spoilers from every SMP.

    You can add my name in :p SMP4
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  3. Me. smp5
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  4. I was thinking about that, but it would sorta defeat the purpose of quickly finding 1 player, since you'd have to open all spoilers, then cntrl-f

    And, added
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  5. Use a bot to go through the site residence list and click on each individual name. If the name sends the bot to a proper member's page, add them to the list. If not, do nothing.
    Residence lists are found like in the above link. Good luck:p
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  6. I'm not looking to make a spam machine... :p
  7. How would it spam?
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  8. SMP6 in the house
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  9. Well, it would be 100's upon 100's of names..

    And, most of them would be people who don't even play on the forums..
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  10. Well that isn't what you said in the OP.:rolleyes:
  11. 607 is on smp7, OrangeDuck607 on smp8 :)
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  12. Smp3 is my home. :)
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  14. SMP6 all the way! :D
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  15. SMP2 and Stage (sometimes SMP8 for my outpost)
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  16. Time split between SMP2 and Utopia. Predominantly in the latter for now building supply reserves on my two plots. :)
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  17. By "not play on the forums" I meam, not active on the forums :p
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  18. SMP1 - the best one :p
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