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  1. Hello,
    This is from FloshPlosh
    I am trying to log into the forum and my password doesn't work; I did the /forumpass in-game and that gave me the original password which doesn't work either. When I click on 'lost password' in the forum, it asks for my email - which it then tells me isn't registered - and when I click on 'create a new account' it refers me back to in-game services. It's taking me in circles!
    On my mom's account PetuniaFigtree to post this. Can you please reset my password for me and send it to my email as registered on my account, or to /mail in-game, or advise what I should do here? many thanks, I have used the forum before to claim my outpost Sloth City.
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  2. Hey flosh, use petunia's account and PM senior staff about it or contact them in-game if you want your pass reset.
  3. Staff have no control over passwords. :( It is to protect accounts.
  4. Ok thanks! we didn't know what to do, he is certain of the password he set on it originally
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  5. Password reset doesn't work
    /forumpass in-game gives the original password, which was of course changed long ago -
    have contacted Carolmoss for help on this, hope she gets the ping
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  6. You would probably be better off contacting Kryssy or Aikar, someone who can actually access that part of xenforo. There should really be a account security questions system for this exact purpose.
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  8. Hi, thanks Eviltoade - I will try the e-mail, that second link doesn't work; no e-mail is sent to me (or to floshplosh) when we try it, that is the proble m.
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  9. May I ask you what kind of email you use? Do you perhaps use a Microsoft email? On some other forum I've read that there have been issues (on that forum) regarding getting the password reset email for people with Microsoft email axcounts.
  10. we are having problems with the hotmail account so I think that is MS right? could be it, the other two I use are google and yahoo
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  11. Yes! Hotmail is Microsoft! Pretty sure that's the problem! :) That means it's on Microsofts hand, and not EMCs fault. On the other forum I mentioned previously, they ask to just send an email to them, if they have problems. I suggest you to do that too, either send an email to EMC, or PM Aikar or Krysyy or whoever might be able to help. :)
  12. As EvilToade mentioned before.. when you have a problem like this please send an email here:
    That's what it's there for, to help and support our players when yer going in circles. ;)