[Forum Game] What if Aikar...

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  1. The point of the game is to say "What if Aikar (your question)" and then the next person would answer from there and ask their question after and hopefully the cycle will carry on.

    Sydney4363: What if Aikar was not the server owner?

    We3_MPO: Then we would all be doomed
    What if Aikar added TVs?

    TomvanWijnen: That would be awesome :D
    What if Aikar (question)


    Just make sure that all posts follow the EMC rules.
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  2. What if aikar banned himself?
  3. He'd just unban himself through Square or whatever other magical platform he has access to. :p

    What if Aikar didn't have a real life and responsibilities to worry about?
  4. Then so much more could get done for EMC!

    What if Aikar didn't have to sleep?
  5. Then he could be a constant working Developer!
    What if Aikar was a potato?
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  6. I like potatoes... I might... Eat him lol

    What if Aikar could fly?
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  7. *whispers* he can.... :aikar:

    What if Aikar banned all his staff/SS/team members
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  8. Chaos would occur on the Empire...
    What if Aikar had an alternate account on EMC but no one knew it?
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  9. It'd be like 2014 all over again. That was not a good time...

    What if Aikar were to finish every EMC project on his list?
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  10. Rip! Ya got ninja'd

    Then he would be very sneaky about it!
    Then Empire would be the perfect server!

    What if Aikar's alt was Kryssy and all of the SS? :eek:
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  11. maybe it is

    What if Aikar was not the server owner?
  12. Then EMC would not be EMC

    What if Aikar didn't use energy drinks?
  13. Nothing would get done.


    What if Aikar paid us all a billion rupees?
  14. Then if he did he would be broke somewhat

    What if Aikar had only pizza hut for breakfast lunch and dinner
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  15. Then he becomes JackBiggin and that no bueno.

    What if Aikar won a million bucks tomorrow in the lottery?
  16. He would wrinkle his nose in disgust cos that's not keto friendly

    What if Aikar is an alt?

    edit: rip ninja
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  17. Then who is the owner?!? :eek: *glares at JustinGuy*

    What if Aikar had a choice between 500 billion $$$ or empire?
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  18. Then we'd all wonder who the main account is

    What if aikar became the king of Canada?
  19. oof ninja'd...
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  20. What if Aikar is secretely working for the CIA?