[Forum Game] Thy Imagination!!!

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  1. So, this is not your typical forum game like War Of Kingdoms or Dead Center, this is totally different. This is a game where you let your imagination run wild!!! Anything's possible!! The sky is the limit!!! So anyways, here's the rules:

    1) Anything's possible!!!
    2) No blowing up people, although rabid unicorns with mini guns strapped to them ARE okay.
    3) 1,000,000 is the max quantity for everything.
    4) Have fun!!!

    You are a lonely scientist working with a bunch of other scientists. Then one day, a scientist gives you a mysterious weird welding machine. Then, you get back to your work. Then, you see a pen combined with a paper holder! (Like, stuck together) You think, what is going on? Then you find out it's the welding machine that did that! So you think, what should we invent?

    What you call your team of scientists:
    Age (In-game) 30-99

    HAVE FUN!!!

    Here's my application form:
    Forward Unto Dawn (Yes, I'm a Halo Fan)
    Age: 30

    I just realized I didn't mention the goal of this game, so:

    To make peace, ignore, or destroy all the other scientists's lab with your "things" you create. That's when Rule 2 comes in. No WMD or M.O.A.Ds to destroy people's labs. Or that's god-modding. No god-modding except for me! ( And I don't even god-mod!!! )
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  2. Go Halo.
    Spirit of Fire (But I'm a bigger one.)
    Age: 33
  3. Forward Unto Dawn wields together a horse and a mini gun to make a Horse Sentry. They make and tame 9 other of those immediately.

    ( That's what I mean by "wielding". ) :)
  4. What you call your team of scientists: Potatoes
    Age (In-game) 30

    Potato welds together a piece of wood on fire, and a SMG, to create a Subomatic Flamethrower!
    (Question, is there a period where we have to wait to weld something else together?)
    Potato creates 19 more of these!
  5. No, not really! :)
  6. I think I don't really understand this game? Well, I will try.

    We are: the AJ Team
    And we are, well the youngest that you can be, I would prefer 27 or so, but since that's not possible, let it be 30.

    And I yield together a carrot and a stick to make a carrot on a stick.
  7. Forward Unto Dawn wields together a robot, a mini nuclear reactor, and every mechanical tool there is to make a robot that can repair stuff in 1.5 seconds! Forward Unto Dawn makes 9 other of this!!
  8. Uh, well, you can wield anything together, like a mini gun and a unicorn to make a unicorn that can shoot mini gun bullets.
  9. the AJ team welds together a pig and a carrot on a stick to create a pig with carrot on a stick. The AJ team makes 3 more of this.
  10. I combine the DNA of a newt and the seeds of an apricot and create an........
  11. the AJ team yields together rubber and iron, to create a wheel. the AJ team creates 3 more of them.
  12. Awesome.
    The Potato team welds together a super-computer's motherboard, with a robot, to create a Smobot, that can build extremely fast, and is extremely intelligent.

    The Potato team also welds together obsidian and cement to create Obcremete. Which, is a very hard brick to destroy!

    The Potato team makes 999 more of these.
    Currently, the robot is deployed to make a wall around the scientists lab. Using Obcremete. (Sorry, I can't come up with cool names, so I just morph the names together)
  13. Forward Unto Dawn wields together Diamond and Bedrock to make DiaRock. F.U.D (Forward Unto Dawn) makes 999999 other of this. The blocks are used to make the piping system and a dome covering Forward Unto Dawn's lab using their nuclear mechanic robots.
  14. Bump. Sorry I have to do this, just that WE NEED A WARMONGER HERE!!!
  15. I'm not a warmonger... Definitely.

    Potato welds together more Obecremete, totaling up to a million bricks.
    Potato welds together a laser and a AK, creating a LAK. Potato makes 9 more of these.
    Potato collects a circuit board with brick placement data. Welding that with LAK, to make BlAK. Making 9 of these.
    Potato welds together 19 more Smobots.
    Potato welds together a High-Speed Subway track with shoes to create a Sub-Shoe. Creating 9 more of these.

    Potato equips the Sub-Shoe with 10 Smobots, to allow them to run faster than light.
    Potato also equips the 10 remaining Smobots with BLAK, to allow them to designate an area for brick placement.
    Potato continues with the wall, however moving EXTREMELY quickly. With the new updates of the Smobots
  16. The AJ Team welds together the 4 wheels and more iron, to make a car.
  17. I thought that this isn't a war game, it's just a game where you use your imagination to create things.
    I'll be it anyway.
    Spirit of Fire combines the DNA of wolves and adders (hmm, I wonder why) and creates an amphibian monster with the strength, teeth, claws, and sense of smell with the scales, slithering motion, ability to travel in water, and venom of adders.
    The new species is called the Adderwolf (hmm, I wonder why) and they are being rigged with automatic turrets. 71 are bred, along with ApricotNewts which are being trained to function as scouts.
    Spirit of Fire military prepped to attack any nearby science teams.
  18. geeks
    geeks wield together a v-22 osprey, a nuclear reactor, a star destroyer, a mega free electron lazer, and the leader of the geeks. he is now ultimate! the leader, tech, fires the star destroyer at potato and forward unto dawn.
  19. geeks duplicate these, after killing potato and unto dawn. we now have 70, 000
  20. Spirit of Fire requests a friendship with Geeks, as we are also warmongers and we also are geeks.