[Forum Game] The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by SparerToaster, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. I have founded the Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation!
    1. You must corrupt the above wish, just, pretend your a genie or something...
    2. Make your own wish.
    3. Hilarity ensues.

    All forum rules apply.
    Nothing inappropriate.
    Nothing overly cruel (I'm leaving this one to you guys)
    Have fun. or PERISH!

    Okay, So I'll start.
    I wish I owned Aperture Science.
  2. GLaDOS doesn't think so.

    I wish I was Saxton Hale
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  3. Granted, but Grey Mann destroys Mann Co.
  4. Genie says I wish I knew who that was...

    I wish I had a billion rupees
  5. Granted, then banned for hacking.
    I wish I was a Super Mega Ultra Admin.
  6. Not with the Cow ruling us.

    I wish I actually owned a DreamCast...
  7. The dreamcast explodes and gets dreamcast bits in your eye, sending you to the ICU where you are put on hold. At the ICU your gernie flips and you fall down and hit the ground sending you into an epileptic shock. The nurse comes with a defibulator with a broken regulator, frying everything inside of you with an 120,000v shock. You are dead.

    I wish the next person would not (ruin my wish I dare you) use as much detail as me.
  8. Your wish explodes, sending your computer into outer space. Aliens find it, invade earth, and the best weapon you can find is Sharp cheddar. The sharp cheddar is all consumed by the aliens, and your supply runs out, plunging your household into chaos. The chaos is heard and is transferred through the whole world. They all stomp there feet, causing the world to rupture. You manage to hold your breath for 27.2 seconds, before being abducted by the aforementioned aliens, now known to you as Fangreus. The Fangreus torture you with a machine that uses anti-matter. The devices containment field is disrupted by the electromagnetic field of Jupiter, and explodes destroying the universe. All the other universes now cease to exist due to the shock wave that traveled through the black holes in our universe. No more universes are being created because god doesn't see it fit to create another if one man could destroy them all with a single wish.

    I wish that the next person did something even less complicated than mine! Good luck :p
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  9. Granted, ish. As you make that wish, you get sent to the police for making such a long wish and then going to court when you failed to prove yourself innocent. You say it was just for a forum game where you are supposed to ruin wishes, but that makes the authorities even more angry. They later arrest everyone but the original poster of the thread because he didnt ruin a wish. Everyone else tried to prove their innocence too, but that once again makes the authorities even more angry. Realizing that it was the wish that made you and everyone else mad, you consult the genie again (The mighty and awesome me) to see if, possibly he could reverse the grant he made. He said no, and called the police again for fraud and claiming that you made a bad wish you want to reverse. You end up in jail with nothing to do but think "Why did I make that wish?!". After you get released several years later, you cant find me to yell at.
    Haha, its less complicated!
    I wish I had a pixelated pickle!
  10. Unless Jeb likes pickles, its not going to happen.

    I wish to make the Communist party of EMC to rise to power.
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  11. Good luck with that. The end.

    I wish that the dragon update would hurry up and get here!
  12. Ir does, but the first dragon tomb spawns 9999999999999999999999 blocks away from spawn. Happy hunting.
    I wish I could animate.
  13. Granted. But your animation comes to life and steals your computer.
    I wish I had a pie.
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  14. Granted, although the pie was burned.

    I wish for a portal gun.
  15. Granted. The portal gun is a replica. Santa has the real one.

    I wish for world peace.
  16. Granted, then aliens come and KILLUSALL.
    I wish for a spaceship.
  17. These are all wrong. You have to grant the wish, but you have to corrupt it.
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  18. Lets restart this:
    I wish for EMC to never change but when good features are released EMC can change then. And only then.
  19. Granted. No updates ever come though.

    I wish for universal peace.
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