[FORUM GAME] The Association Thread

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Have you played this forum game before?

Yes. 43 vote(s) 28.5%
No. 108 vote(s) 71.5%
  1. Unless you're inventing a rule for my game, I think you're confusing this with Counting with Pictures. :D
    The rule for this game is
    What farmerguyson is doing is fine. :) Although it is nice to let some more different people in between associations sometimes, for more variety.
    Good to know! I'll also switch to green for now, then. :) I prefer purple, but I don't want to inconvenience people unnecessarily!
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  2. Oops xD

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  3. NP-completeness

    I wonder what my association would've been if I hadn't recently heard about the NP-completeness of a generalised version of Minesweeper. ;)

    Edit: Ninja'd. :p
    I guess the next person can decide whether to continue from mine or waffle's. :p
  4. Head spinning

    That's a lot to think of. 🤔
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  5. Egg
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  6. Chickeneer
  7. Attack

    I'm thinking Super Turkey
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  8. Anime

    I hope I got that right... :P
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