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  1. This is a roleplaying game! This is a remake of this one here. I thought it would be nice to spice up the game he had placed. I hope you enjoy :)

    Ah prison, you got yourself into this mess now you need to pay the price behind bars. With yourself being carried over to Western Colorado, a letter is thrusted to your possession. The van driver gives out a humf expecting you to read it. You read the letter diligently.

    Welcome Letter

    Welcome to Red Garden Penitentiary maggot,

    You have been chosen to be here for a long while. We are new but that doesn't mean our rules aren't strict. We run with the highest authority. Disrespect isn't tolerated, and we will enforce that into your numbskull till you figure it out. We will be overseeing your transition into the longest years of your life. Whether you're in for theft or murder, I can guarantee that your time here will be the cause of your reform. Don't bother thinking about escaping either we are on constant watch and patrol. If you do get past that, I am sure the arid mountain climate will kill you before the wildlife does.

    -Warden Radick Jones

    Will need someone with artistic skill to give us a map
  2. Player List
    Please message me personally to be added to list

    [clan23] Foxy Robert Sparrow: Murdered an innocent child: Cell[A-01]
    [ww2fan168] Mark Young: Murder Cell[A-02]
    [Nuclearbobomb] Wayne D. Smith: Serial killer, assulter, and resist for law enforcement
    What I will do is state your welcome to the Penitentiary and what you look like and what you did
    No exceptions.
    Any application submissions on this thread will be removed

    Roleplaying name:
    Crime: Has to be a actual crime
    Appearance: (Picture or Description is fine)

    Use This form to send it to me directly via conversation.
    [If you're coming from U.R.F Steelgate, you will have a custom message placed for you]
  3. Rules

    1. No God Modding
    2. Death is a thing.
    3. You are allowed to make new characters once you die, but don't hold grudges
    4. Don't be Omniscient or Omnipresent. You're not there all the time or have spectacular hearing.

    Prison Rules
    (These things are things you can do, but will involve punishment in character.)
    1. Don't Murder
    2. Don't injure anyone
    3. Obey all orders from guards
    4. Don't escape
  4. Chat Colors!
    Yes they do mean something

    Out of character chat: Grey
    In-character chat: White,Red,and Yellow.
    These are the colors to participate. White means normal, red is angry, yellow means agitated.
    Warden and Guard chat: Green
    Owner Explanation chat: Blue

    If these colors are ignored, your messages will be ignored as well
  5. Huh, continuation?
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  6. This thread has literally got no meaning. Also, it's "an innocent child".
  7. It is in the making. Please do not post that it doesn't have meaning. I will work on it fully after work.

    I should say that it is a remake.
  8. Welcome Foxy R. Sparrow to Red Garden Penitentiary!

    He looks like this...

    A transfer from U.R.F SteelGate and he's in for Murdering an Innocent Child. He's been trouble from the start and had to transfer over to Red Garden Penitentiary. He was noted for erratic behavior and changing of moods. He will be kept at Cell Block A-01
  9. Welcome Mark Young!

    He's more of a beach man with his olive skin. He's a very strong blonde good-looking guy

    He was taken in for murder and will be staying in Cell Block A-02
  10. Im using the forums on my phone so its hard to change text colors....
  11. Welcome Wayne "Disintigrator" Smith
    Another robot in Red Gardon his appearance has been built to be in war.

    His crimes were serial killing, assult, and resisting arrest. We looked over his file in Steelgate and he is more than willing to get physical with others. We noted on pickup that he finds flaws. So in order to keep him behind bars.... He has a special cell made of titanium bars. He will reside in cell block number A-03
  12. Announcement for all prisoners: You have free time! Please get to know your surroundings. Oh wow it is 105 degrees today and it looks like it will stay for this week. Hope you have fun in there. *You hear a Phone click and the announcement is over*
  13. I look around, I have a muzzle around my snout. "They know me too well, they saw my file!" Mumbled to myself. I was taken to my cell where all my charging and other parts and peices were left for me. I hear the announcement over the speaker. "They be treating us like child's!" The guards take off my muzzle and I was able to speak. "It was about time." I hold my temper with the guards. I start to roam only cell block A
  14. Welcome Haley Joseph!

    She is a Caucasian who has short blue hair with green highlights. She wears glasses.

    From our details, she was listed as a hitwoman. She is now with us for murder of the CEO of Comcast.

    When she was taken it she showed signs of mental instability. She will be in cell block A-04
  15. I wake up in my cell. I see a robot fox (?) roaming around. I say "Hi" to him.
  16. Wears a glasses? Grammar Nazi here, I must punish you now. =P (Also I'm on phone so I don't know how to change color, sorry)
  17. Yeah I am on a tablet it kills me... But it is possible to change colors.I tend to rush than think what I am tapping.
  18. I look at her with a snaral. "Who are you. I thought I was alone here."
  19. I remain in my cell where a light is seen. Also, a welder like sound is heard.
  20. I hear the noises and start to investigate. "Your breaking the rules, did you see the letter? It stated we are being watched!" I start to shudder and my eyes go dim.
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