[FORUM GAME] Real life to Minecraft

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  1. Hello all!

    Today I thought I'd give you all a new game to play. I've been thinking about this for a while, but never got round to making it.

    So, onto the rules! In this game you comment a thing that is real, as in not from Minecraft. Feel free to reference other games and internet-ish things. The next player would reply to this with the closest thing to it in Minecraft. Then they would also post a real-life object to convert. Here is an example:

    Note: Player two also posts a non-Minecraft object and Player one also replies to the previous, otherwise this would stop and start like crazy.

    Here is another random example:

    You can also reply with chest art, screen shots, mobs or anything in Minecraft.
    Try to make your object as known as possible so every can always play. Do not make your reply offensive or rude. Also, do not reply to your own posts.

    Ok, so I'll set it off:
    A Piano!
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  2. Well, that was fun. Game over.


    A shower
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  3. Minecraft rain through a 1 block hole
  4. Shouldn't player 2 post a real life object too? :p
    A plane.
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  5. Slimestone contraption
  6. They did, it just isn't that clear.
    So, erm, I guess we should try to get this to run smoothly soon.

  7. A lava cube springing around.
  8. Made the rules clearer (I think?)
  9. fBuilderS didn't do it, I think. PeculiarPotato didn't do it either.
  10. I meant in the example. :p

  11. Guardians.
    A bird.
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  12. A player with elytra
    lol ninjad

    Red wool

    A laptop
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  13. item frame with a wooden slab under it?

    a $2000 cheese burger
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  14. An extremely greedy village butcher's steak.

    Wrecking ball
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  15. An emerald block

    Wooden crate
  16. Chest.
  17. 2 minecarts pushed into stairs by a piston

  18. Smp8.