[Forum Game] Never Have I Ever

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  1. Hey Guys! So a Game that has been going Viral on youtube is now being played in this thread and its called 'Never have i ever'. So basically 1 person posts a question starting off with never have i ever and then the next person answers it with a yes or a no and makes a new question. Eg:
    Player 1: Never Have I ever Lied about my birthday to get something For free
    Player 2: I Haven't.
    Never Have I ever (Etc.)

    And it Goes on like that. So GL to every1 and lets get playing!

    Starting Question: Never Have I Ever Lied about my Birthday to get something for free.
  2. Never!
    Never have I ever had my dog eat my homework
  3. Never!
    Never have I ever had a Pet Fish.
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  4. Never!
    Never have I ever NOT worn a dress
  5. Yes!
    Never have I ever skipped school for fun
  6. Yes
    Never have I ever been drunk
  7. Never!
    Never have I ever watched the same movie 5 times in a row :)
  8. You have always worn a dress?
    Never have I ever gone to highschool without wearing contacts.
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  9. Yes,
    Never have I ever eaten lobster
  10. Never!
    Never have I ever went surfing
  11. Never!
    Never have i ever went to other country
  12. I have.
    Never Have I ever went to a place and got so excited to get something but it turns out they didnt have it
  13. Yes
    Never have I ever went on a vacation to a place that looked bad but turned out to be very enjoyable
  14. Never! ( What looked bad always turned out to be bad.. i mean a place , not a peepz )
    Never have I ever went surfing
  15. I have!
    Never have I ever had a life!
  16. I have a life. A Major one, if your pardon the pun.

    Never have I ever Piloted a plane outside of a video game.
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  17. I have never ever flown a plane in the real world.

    Never Have I Ever, Sang a song in public.
  18. I have... Lol
    Never Have I Ever... Played Never Have I Ever
    Get your head around that ;)
  19. I have

    Never have I every spent 220kr in emc with in 5 min (I have )
  20. I have, I think the biggest I paid in 5 mins was about 3.4 mil rupees :p I think you're meant to not have done the thing you said though, Callum, if you're saying "never have I ever"...

    Never have I ever flown in a real plane!
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