[Forum Game] Misquoting

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  1. But replying is the best part! That's why this is so fun.
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  2. I like to reply with nonsense.
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  3. Why, Tower?
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  4. Can't you see I'm still in the shower?!
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  6. Finally, a man with some truth.
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  7. WOAH......Did you just assume his gender lol?
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  8. yes, he's a telecaster
  9. A conjurer of 50" 4K Smart HDR OLED displays, you say?
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  10. Whoa there. I should probably be ready for the TV apocalypse.
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  11. Gotta keep those resources fresh :D
  12. Why do you want to eat fish?
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  13. I imagine he wants to do that beacuse he's getting close with nature
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  14. ...

    I disagree, nature is great!
    Also I am so glad this thread is back, it's one of my favorite forum games :p
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  15. Nature = French Fry confirmed?!
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  16. See me after class.
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  17. Chill, teacher. xD
  18. k
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  19. So rude :p