[Forum Game] Misquoting

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by cTJx, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Way to be repetitive...
  2. But aren't you being repetitive as well?
  3. i dont think it's annoying
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  4. I am pretty certain its pretty decently appealing.
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  5. If you could be a BananaTin007, then sure.
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  6. :eek: Bully!
  7. :eek: Are you a Bully?!
  8. *Hiss*
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  9. About my banana puns? Potassium then. :D
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  10. Haha! That was the best!
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  11. Are you sure about that?
  12. probably pretty sure
  13. I'm not sure either to be honest... :confused:
  14. No Comment
  15. That statement doesn't make that much sense but ok...
  16. With that kind of attitude, you should try out for a debate team, I'm sure you'd do well. :)
  17. :eek: Why so ruuuuuude?
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  18. nice
  19. It kind of does... :p