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  1. Hey guys so I decided to do this after a little bit of brainstorming

    What will happen is after 8 people join They will each be designated a role i.e Doctor, Sheriff, Mafia, Townspeople.
    The Doctor can save one person every round but can only save themselves twice per game.
    The Sheriff can arrest one person per round. If the person arrested is the one the mafia chose to kill the Mafia has a 50% chance to miss.(will be determined by a random number generator.) Also if the person arrested is Mafia the sheriff has a 25% chance to find out( if they do that Mafia member will be alerted)
    The Mafia can kill one person per round.(there will be more then 1 so they will have to agree.)
    At the end of each round all people will vote to lynch someone. The person being lynched will be able to defend themselves. After that a vote will ensue. If they are voted dead they will be hanged.

    All moves will be made in private pm with me to keep the game fun.

    Prizes are as follows

    If Mafia wins:
    Mafia alive 10k each plus a promo TBD
    Last townsperson alive 5k
    Each kill the mafia get is 1k each

    If townspeople win:
    Each townsperson alive 10k each plus a promo TBD
    Last Mafia alive 5k
    If the sheriff captures a mafia member and that insures that members death the sheriff gets 5k

    4 of 8 people joined

    There is also a prize pool into which I am accepting any donations!
    Please Pm me with donations so I know immediately
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  2. Reserved for current members

  3. I will join :)
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  4. Awesome!
  5. I think I'll join also. :) I'm not a fan of the imaginations for the game, though, because although Werewolves concerns death also, it at least feels completely unrealistic. ;)
    But hey, I wouldn't mind some more action on EMC (although preferably no drama for a few more weeks :p), so I'm in. :)
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  6. Awesome only 6 more needed!
  7. Bump still need 6 people!
  8. Yep I'll join! :D
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  9. Awesome only need 4 more to start!
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  10. I will, if you can pull it off.
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  11. Oh I can