[Forum game] Kidnap the above poster.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Jakres, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Its simple, you take the above poster as a hostage with a reason and tell us what trade do you want so you can release the hostage.

    I kidnapped *insert above poster's name* because his face was too ugly.
    I will exchange him for cookies!
  2. I kidnapped the OP (original poster - Jakres) because this idea is great and i want all the credit.
    i will exchange him for likes on this post. ;)
  3. I kidnapped Deadmaster09 because he is trying to steal all the credit. I will exchange him for 1 rupee.
  4. I kipnapped Deadmaster98 because he kidnapped my second post.
    I'll exchange him for the third post.
  5. I kidnapped 607 because he has a hamster in his signature
    I'll exchange him for $5
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  6. (I already kidnapped Deadmaster09???) I kidapped 607 because he tried to steal my hostage! I will exchange him for an apology.
    Deadmaster09 - Exchanging for 1 rupee
    607 - Exchanging for an apology

    EDIT: ( I posted this, and right after I clicked post, Sky's post appeared.)
  7. I kidnapped herocrafter2912 for not taking Skydragonv8 as a hostage and wanting an apology instead of those sweet candies mamma made!
    I'll exchange him for 20 packages of curd snacks. Yum.
  8. I kidnapped Jakres because I wanted his curd snacks. I'll exchange him for rupees
  9. I kidnapped Olaf_C because he spammed my news feed yesterday, by constantly updating the wiki.
    I'll exchange him for a high resolution image of his family weapon. (Or whatever it's called in English)
  10. 607 is no longer my hostage.
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  11. I kidnapped herocrafter2912 because he refused to take 607 as hostage again. I would like you to bring me herocrafter2912 in exchange for his release. Ha, I'd like to see you do that! :p

    Family crest, I think. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he did have a closet full of family weapons for dealing with those who continue to refer to him as a snowman. :p
  12. Get on in game.
  13. ℐ ḱḯḓη@℘ρεⅾ ℭαł@м☺ḉℌηü﹩
    Ї ωїℓℓ øηʟ¥ ℊḯ♥ℯ ♄☤м ßα¢к ḟ◎я αᾔ ℑ¢ℯ ℃ґε@м ℃◎ẘ ℰℊℊᾔ◎ℊ‼

    ..5 hours later..

    Why I did it?... really I don't know. I just wanted to be cool like on that cop show.
    *cop gives blank stare*
    Okay, the real reason I did it is because he's a beach and his sand is always getting in my feet, hair, towel and stuff. Also, the wind on beaches sucks.
    *cop continues with blank stare*

    ..1 hour later..

    *cries softly in prison cell*
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  14. I kidnapped salesman200 for the failure exchange and being in a prison cell. Prison is bad except Norway prisons.
    I will exchange him for couple of expensive cute puppies!
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  15. I kidnapped Jakres for mocking me about being sent to prison. And, ohoho you'll never be able to do this, I'll only exchange him if you tell him to change his profile pic to an upside-down Tails! And you can't say the words fast, Sonic, Tails, upside, down, or flip in the conversation... or I'll kill you both!

    *1 hour later*

    Wait, WHAT?
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  16. I kidnapped salesman200 again for not-a-insult-but-still-insult-for-no-reason insulting me!
    I will exchange him for kidnapping me within 5 hours or imma shoot him. AND CURD SNACKS TOO!
  17. Eh... ehehe. I'm here... right on time.
    Haha! I'll exchange him for... what did you want again? Oh yeah, CURD SNACKS!
  18. I kidnapped salesman200 because he sells stuff.

    I will give him back for love.
  19. I kidnapped colepuncher because he punched Cole. I'll give him back in exchange for an ice pack, cause poor Cole's gonna need it.
  20. why did you get my username wrong, why.

    I kidnapped the "Above Poster" Because he got my username wrong. I will give him back for stuff