[FORUM GAME] Guess the Word

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Do you mind the term and theme 'Hangman'?

Yes. 21 vote(s) 22.8%
No. 71 vote(s) 77.2%
  1. How about a "T"? :)
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  2. consciousness
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  3. That would have been a good guess, but you had already used your letter guess. ;)
    No T!
    You got it.
    C O N S C I O U S N E S S
    I'm doing Philosophy at uni at the moment, so I have seen this term quite a bit. :p

    Edit: Once again, will send rewards tomorrow... if I don't forget. ;)
  4. Thanks for the likes. :p

    Here's a new word! :D

     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    On the CP leaderboards you are still called purplebook163. Let me know if you'd like this changed. :)
    Also, Tower and luckycordel have been very close together!
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  5. How about an N :D
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  6. I'll take the letter G
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  7. An R?
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  8. No 'R'! :)
     _ _ N _ _ _ _ _ N G
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  9. How about an "I"? :)
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  10. I'll take an S :)
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  11. Dude, why did nobody guess 'E' or 'A'? :p
     _ I N I _ I _ I N G
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  12. No 'S' for me. ;)
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  13. Is your word "minimizing"?
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  14. Yes, it is! :) I guess it's good that the 'S' got guessed, as otherwise someone might have used the non-Oxford spelling. ;)
     M I N I M I Z I N G 
  15. Unless me or perhaps Lukas (or other Europeans) would have answered, I don't think that would have happened, as -ize is (currently) the American way of doing it - and Oxford and Cambridge's way of doing it. Most (!) of the rest of the UK and British English writing people use -ise (and so do I :D). :)
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  16. Interesting. ... but Lukas did answer. :p
    (Again: haven't sent out rewards yet, personal reminder...)
  17. Oh, yes, I didn't notice that. :p I believed to recall that he used American English, but wasn't sure, so didn't mention it. Or he just did whatever feels right, because, let's be honest, English isn't always that straightforward. :p
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  18. I had an English teacher that let us choose which English to use. Next year we had a different teacher that insist on British English only. School is weird :D

    I think I'm using most of the time American English nowadays, but I don't pay much attention towards it and just write stuff :D
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  19. Code:
    _ _ _ _ _ _
    Sorry, it's a shorter one. You've been doing too well anyway. ;)
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