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  1. hello everyone,
    A few days ago, I got an art assignment: "draw something in 10 min in a square of ~5cm x 5cm (2 inch)"
    when I was buzzy for a while with my frend (he's not at emc), it was that funny we made a competition of it "who can make the nicest draw in ten min in a square of 5cm"
    he doesn't like it when I do post his drawnings (he is a genious artist) I will post my three:
    the two I have made against my frend:

    and one I made three months ago:

    and: sorry for my Englisch.

    Have FUN :D
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  2. Oh, that's cool! Very nice!
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  3. B.U.M.P.
    If my english isn't clear enath: Draw something in ten min in a square of 5 x 5 cm and show it (the reason of the exersise was That I do reglulairly draw things in ~20 Hours)
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  4. B.U.M.P.
  5. Okay. I think I'll try this when I'm done with my Piplup. Hm, what should I draw... I'm not too experienced in drawing, by the way :p
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  6. B.U.M.P.
  7. B.U.M.P.
  8. Can it be done digitally?
  9. Can it be done in 3D?
  10. For the fun of it, I decided to go ahead and give this a shot, despite not knowing whether it would be alright to do digitally. I used ArtRage 4, which is a program designed to mimic the techniques and feeling of traditional media. I limited myself to using the Oil Brush, Pastel and Eraser tools and worked on a 5cm x 5cm canvas, set at 150 dpi.

  11. Wow i really love the first picture!
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  12. I don't real understand what you mean FinalArc, yes you can draw with line perspective. but I think it isn't drawning when you're makeing something REAL in 3D. :p

    Stagger77, yes you can draw on a computer. I do personally like the second one best, cause I do know how hard it is to be draw water.
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  13. I should do this some time, just posting here to not forget about it ;)
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  14. For example. Look at the majestical bear on my avatar. Look how it is animated in 3D. That is what I mean :p
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  15. But that is not drawing, which is the point of this game. So i don't think that 3D-Models would qualify.
  16. Bu-but I am drawing an idea of what to make in my mind and then modeling it :D
  17. Then you can submit your drawing. I think the size is 5cm x 5cm, have fun!
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  18. But this is in pixels :p
  19. There is a way to calculate 5cm x 5cm to pixels you know? :D
  20. Nope :D