[FORUM GAME] Divide and conquer

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  1. The year is 1457. You are an aspiring person hoping to become a member of the royal British navy.
    However, there are those that will want to become pirates.
    As a sailor for the British, you will defend your country against the pirates.
    As a pirate, you will attack ships and pillage their cargo.
    You will use your treasure to upgrade your ship and defenses (Cannons, armor, pistols, etc.)
    If you wish to secretly launch an attack on a ship, you will have to tell me in a private message.
    However, it will come with a price, depending on who you attack.
    I will be a game master. I will not be part if the game directly, but I will direct it.
    If you wish to join, you will need to fill out an application to join the royal british navy or buy a ship and become a pirate.
    Name: (This will be what others will call you)
    Current job: (Make one up)
    British navy or Pirate:
    (If pirate) Name of ship:
    Now, there are special ships. Dangerous, ships.
    The Flying Dutchman. The black pearl. (More to come)
    These ships are the hardest to pillage. They might even board and pillage You . Your goal as a pirate is to pillage those ships.
    Good luck.
  2. The Flying Dutchman has been spotted off the coast of New England.
  3. I was really hoping someone would apply...
  4. Name: Captain Jon Stall
    Current job: Pirate Captain
    British navy or Pirate: Pirate
    Name of ship: The Red Wolf
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  5. Accepted! The black pearl is sighted off the coast India.
  6. The Red Wolf begins to sail for the island city of the Barbados.
  7. Name: Commander Potato
    Current job: Pirate General (We're organized for once!)
    British navy or Pirate: British Navy
    Ship Name: Potato Nugget

    Question! Other than attacking ships, how do we get loot? Are there NPC ships we can pillage?
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  8. If you wish, you can hold british forts hostage if your a pirate, or pirate bases if your part of the British navy.
    There are NPC ships I will randomly place, yes. You may attack them.
    A small frigate sets off from the island of Barbados.
  9. The Red Wolf spots the Frigate and identifies it as the U.S.S. Moon.
    The Red Wolf begins to pursue the ship.
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  10. The U.S.S. Moon spots the Red Wolf and positions its members at their cannons.
  11. Commander Potato hires a inexperinced cheap crew, and *buys* (More or less threatened the seller to a much lower price) the Potato Nugget, mounted with 6 cannons, well enough living quarters, and ect.
    The Potato Nugget sets off to Portugal, looking for unwary ships.
    (I don't know how detailed maps were in the 1400's, so i'll try my best. :p )
  12. There is a bustling port at Portugal according to your map.
  13. The Red Wolf tracks its quarry.
  14. The U.S.S. Moon engages the Red Wolf in combat.
  15. The Potato Nugget has made good progress on the sail. No signs of mutiny, and perfect waves. Wind is throwing the ship off a bit, so the trip is estimated to take longer then expected.
  16. The Red Wolf rakes the Moon with several broadsides.
  17. Bad news- your map is flawed and you end u in the middle of a sound.
    The U.S.S. moon retaliates, loading their cannons with shrapnel.
  18. My mine redirect their cannons at the cannons of the Moon. We also position gunners in our Crow's Nest and have them aim for the enemies powder kegs.
  19. What's a sound..?
  20. Storm