[ FORUM GAME ] Ban Hammer

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by ww2fan168, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. "Ban Hammer" is a interactive game where you post the user above you for a reason that is in their post.

    Example: Let's say that a person below me says that "ww2fan168 has been banned for making this amazing thread" you will have to wait for 2 members to post their bans before you do.

    May the fun begin.
  2. ww2fan168 has been banned for being a fan of ww2
  3. StoneSky has been banned for having four w's, two 2's, three f's, five a's, four n's, one 1, one 6, one 8, one h, one s, three b's, four e's, one d, two o's, one r, one i and one g in a sentence together with no other letters or numbers.
    Please don't judge my counting, it's 40 past midnight >.<
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  4. TotoStyle has been banned for reason: Too much Toto and way too much Style.
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  5. samtheboo has been banned for being q ghost (trollol)
  6. Seanawesome14 has been banned for being too much of a taco. :p
  7. BenMAR23 was banned for being served raw
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  8. FoxyRavener has been banned for being a gold supporter.
  9. ww2fan168 has been banned for being a distinguished member.
  10. witherdoggie has been banned for n ot being online
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  11. WitherDoggie has been banned for being a dog but looking like a cow, or are you a cow being a dog?
  12. TheDarkModRises was banned for being a ninja
  13. TromboneSteve was banned for playing the trombone, not the saxophone.
  14. TotoStyle was banned for being a great person
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  15. BenMAR23 is banned for not having an avatar
  16. NathanRP has been banned for being a dirt specialist
  17. fBuilderS was banned because of squids :D
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  18. ShelLuser Has Been Banned Reason Being A Shell Not A Gold Block
  19. SirTah has been banned because spelling your name backwards is: HatRis.
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  20. RidgeBeam was banned for, "Rock Ridges can't shoot Beams"
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