[Forum Game] Avatar screenshot chain

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  1. Rules are simple. Screenshot the above post in the thread and crop it so it only includes the person's avatar, username, etc. to the left and the actual post (starting with this one). Keep continuing so that we keep getting some profileception and let's see how long we can go.

    For more detailed instructions, here's an example of what the chain would like like after a few posts. This should look pretty cool once we extend it.

    CadenMann, you're welcome for removing the spam train from your thread.

    EDIT: And of course, no double-posting, and preferably wait a few posts before you go again. :)
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  2. This was all an elaborate scheme to learn what website themes people are using. Bwahaha!
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  3. Can't be bothered cropping :p
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  4. It's not going to look as good if some people don't crop it, though ;-; Your avatar isn't next to theirs so it doesn't flow... the part where it says "crop" in the main post technically comes after the part where it says rules, which means it has to be done to be valid, I believe :)

  5. Uh oh, I think it's stuck now. :p
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  6. We could always continue like nothing happened.
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  7. Will get too small to see soon.
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  8. I dont like cropping as well
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