Formatting Color Coding Help (Signs and chat)

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  1. I read the wiki but I am still confused how to do this.

    I even looked on Google for more help and that didn't enlighten me any further.

    I tried to do more searches (re-worded my search to "Minecraft signs /color") and got these links:

    However I thought it might be best to just ask on here since I don't actually know which plugin you are using for this.

    Do I put the --'s in as well?

    Can I get an example so I know how to do it? Also is it just for signs or in chat as well?
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  2. Other colors are just like this, only replace &a with other letter or number

    for a sign, to make it Minty Green, type on a line:

    &aThis is green

    When you hit done, it will look like:

    This is green
  3. you can only use color codes on signs for example &a is lime green you got to put the & mark next to a letter or number.
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  4. In regular chat, but regular players can still have custom colored res messages, rts messages, etc. in chat
  5. Let's say you want to type on a sign "katie's restaurant" in yellow. here's what you would do:

    &ekatie's &erestaurant
    I believe it would show up yellow on the sign
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  6. Also if you want to use more than 1 color, you can do something similar to this:

    &a Bro im &b Infinite

    It will look like this:

    Bro im Infinite
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  7. Res messages, yes, but color codes cannot be used in message signs. I've brought it up to Staff that that page needs to be updated to reflect res messages a few days ago. (I can't change it; the page is locked.)
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  8. I've seen it done, go to smp2 WCG_Elite's spawn res. He has one there.
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  10. Mayoman100 wrote a whole book of every command on emc, so you could buy one and you wont have that problem anymore.

    (he is low on stock though)
  11. Do you happen to know which page you looked at (if any)?

    I'd like to know why this didn't work for you so that we might be able to improve on that. So; was it because you couldn't find the right page or because the page was confusing?

    Also; was it this page by any chance?

    Hope you can answer because these things can really help us out to improve on the wiki even further. Thanks in advance!