Forerunner (Before EMC - Images)

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  1. Before EMC, we were based off of Yes, that is were Jeremy and I got our names, along with several other people =P is a social network for gamers. Bit of a ghost town now, but still awesome.

    I lost almost all my pictures when I deleted my file =(
    But I still have a few that were uploaded to GameKrib, here they are!

    Also note that for the longest time I didn't know how to access the screenshots, so some are weird sizes o.o

    My first house, a bit sloppy.

    My third house. I don't think I took any pictures of my ugly cobble second house.. It was pretty much just a storage place for building my third.

    The semi-final product. This is as far as I got before Justin reset the world and created The Empire. Apparently if you search "Epic Minecraft Mansion" on Google, this is the second image. No clue how that works..

    Here is the view from my third house. You can see a nice sunset, my lighthouse, and BrewingMaster's ship.

    Took me a few tries, but I captured some lightning.

    BrewingMaster's ship

    Finally, my first mob proof hut. With a diagonal staircase so mobs couldn't get to the door.

    That's all I have, hope you enjoyed =)
  2. Nice! This was all before EMC, so... what server was it on?
  3. I believe it was just
  4. Oh, ok. Oh – that is a great location for a house, in the first picture, but (forgive me) it is marred by the water.
  5. Well it was my noob build =P
  6. I remember my first build, in Minecraft. Way back in the middle of Alpha, on my first world, I got lost in a cave. I had nothing with me, so I had to dig a staircase to the surface without any tools to help me.
    I built a 2-story stone house. It was simple and large, but lame. Your "noob build" had more variety than mine did.
    I wish I kept pictures of my first buildings in Minecraft. Pictures certainly bring back memories, both good and bad.
  7. >.> time to see

    If you just read all this I owe you a burger.
    You now owe me a burger Jim
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  8. It's always awesome finding photos that bring back memories. Wait, isn't that the point of photos? oh well! :confused:
  9. Trying to look for a No option on the poll
  10. That is not an option, if you are on EMC, you are awesome!
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  11. Awesome!:) Great pics.
  12. Omg I remember those houses of yours
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