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  1. I didn't make it, so I have no idea what flags are in it.
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  2. (in my Scottish accent (natral accent)) ohy where is my countrys flag?

    Y is south africas flag

    Thats not ment to be mean look at there flag it a Y
  3. Cool! I will definitely be there (I think ;))
  4. Digging through chests for my State and Country flags I used last year:D

  5. I'll try to make it! :D
  6. if you are looking for any flag banners or any other banners come by my banner shop on smp5 at 10065.
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  7. I am gonna be there
  8. I'll try to make it :D
  9. Showing off my pride for EMC and the USA! :D
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  10. The Saturday morning parade is starting in 25 minutes!!!
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  11. OK so I didn't realize it was June yet and missed it but I hope you all had fun anyways :) Anyone bring any Canadian flags?